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Best Books of 2019

I’ve been wondering if I should do a best books of 2019 post. I wasn’t sure what categories I would pick, so I’ve looked at a few posts and taken categories I love. Without further ado, welcome to the post I dread every year. Every one of these books are 5 star reads! Considering I read 361 books, prepare yourselves for a long post.

Prettiest Covers

Descendant of the Crane, Nocturna, The Candle and the Flame, Spin the Dawn, Wilder Girls, Patron Saints of Nothing


King of Fools, Girls of Storm and Shadow, War of Mist, Eclipse the Skies, A House of Rage and Sorrow, Red Skies Falling, Rogue Heart, Tears of Frost, The Sky Weaver


The Field Guide to the North American Teenager, Opposite of Always, We Hunt the Flame, I Wish You All the Best, Slay, The Light at the Bottom of the World, Full Disclosure, Don’t Date Rosa Santos, The Best Lies

Surprise Favorites

My Fate According to the Butterfly, Color Me In, Forward Me Back to You, Desdemona and the Deep, Other Words for Home, Girls Like Us, Butterfly Yellow, Sick Kids in Love, When the Stars Lead to You

New to Me Authors (With Backlist)

Stolen Time, How to Make Friends with the Dark, The Wise and the Wicked, The Right Swipe, Get A Life Chloe Brown, The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics, Eliza and Her Monsters, The How & Why

Backlist Favorites

Aru Shah, On A Sunbeam, The Tea Dragon Society, Illuminae, My Lady Jane

Most Read Author(s)

I read the Legend trilogy from Marie Lu and the Last Namsara series by Kristen Ciccarelli. It’s a tie of 3 versus 3!

Fantasy Favorites

Tiger at Midnight, Shatter the Sky, The Merciful Crow, Mooncakes, The Black Veins, These Divided Shores, Caster, Crier’s War, The Never Tilting World

Historical Favorites

The Downstairs Girl, Like A Love Story

Science Fiction Faves

Quiet at the End of the World, The Pioneer, A Conspiracy of Stars, Girls with Sharp Sticks, Sky Without Stars, The Kingdom, Tarnished Are the Stars, War Girls

Contemporary Faves

There’s Something About Sweetie, Tell Me How You Really Feel, The Beauty of the Moment, Love from A to Z, Let Me Hear a Rhyme, On the Come Up, With the Fire on High, Going Off Script, This Time Will Be Different, Frankly In Love, The Last True Poets of the Sea, By Any Means Necessary, Our Wayward Fate, A Constellation of Roses

Adult Fiction Faves

Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune, Red, White & Royal Blue, Jade War, The Dragon Republic, Realm of Ash, The Deep

Best Heists

Immoral Code

Best Disaster Crews

Dealing in Dreams

Girls with Blades

Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

Sibling Favorites

Summer Bird Blue, I Hope You Get This Message, The Dragon Warrior

Faves of Books for 2020 I’ve Read

The Electric Heir, We Unleash the Merciless Storm, Turtle Under Ice, Heart of Flames, Girl Serpent Thorn, Don’t Read the Comments, Iron Will of Genie Lo, Woven in Moonlight, Scavenge the Stars, Foul is Fair, Throw Like a Girl, Loveboat Taipei, The Silvered Serpents


What was your favorite book in 2019?

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6 thoughts on “Best Books of 2019

  1. Wow, this is such a huge list! I spot a lot of my favourite authors and books from 2019 on here. I love how many diverse books there are in this post. Hope your 2020 reading is just as amazing, Lili!

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