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Blog Tour: Review + Quotes: Eclipse the Skies by Maura Milan

Holy chocofluff. It feels so good to be back with one of my favorite science fiction series, but oh my stars you all have a lot coming for you. Eclipse the Skies is a staggering and stunning series finale. Stay tuned for the Twitter giveaway!


Ia Cōcha never thought she’d be working for the Olympus Commonwealth. But that was before she found out her trusted brother Einn was trying to tear apart the universe. Now, Ia, the Blood Wolf of the Skies, has agreed to help the Royal Star Force on one condition: when she finds him, she gets to kill Einn herself.
Brinn Tarver has just come to terms with her Tawny identity when the public lashes out against her people, crushing her family. At her breaking point, she starts to question everything she believes in—including Ia.
After the death of his mentor, Knives Adams is doing his best to live up to a role he didn’t ask for as Aphelion’s new headmaster. Still, with each new step deeper into war, he feels torn between his duties and the pull of Ia’s radical—sometimes criminal—ideas.
As they fight to keep darkness from eclipsing the skies, their unpredictable choices launch this breathtaking sequel to explosive new heights.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Ignite the Stars made these characters our home. The fiercely protective Ia, Brinn and her questions of family, and Knives as he grapples with expectations. But in Eclipse the Skies all of our favorite characters go on journeys into the vast unknown. Their growth will not only make you proud, but have you shed a tear. And even if we don’t agree with what they’ve done, we can feel their emotions piercing through the pages and asking us, “well what would you have done?” In those moments of grief that swallows us whole, revenge that takes over our heart, or even loss which leaves us screaming.

In a world that so easily sees conflicts as Us versus Them, the refugee crisis has only grown. Not only that, but Ia and Einn’s feud powers through the galaxy and even further, as weapons and stories that were once legend come to be. Loyalties and allegiances change as the gulf between us widens, grows larger with loss and secrets. But I think what makes Eclipse the Skies powerful is the way our characters grow within the pages.

When we feel beaten down, twisted by grief, and wanting to fill an empty hole in our heart, who do we turn to? In a way, most of our characters are forced to build themselves back up during the course of Eclipse the Skies, impressing and surprising us with their decisions. Who are we fight for? Is it the black hole in our heart, the faded memories, for freedom? Anarchy? And with nowhere else to go, but out, these are the moments we are re-made in fire and flames, in falls and forgiveness.

Ultimately, if even just one character touched your heart in Ignite the Stars you will not want to miss out on this sequel, Eclipse the Skies. Through the darkness, the shadows, who will emerge? We have masks, names for ourselves – expectations and memories – but what happens when we are forced to live without the mask? Our family connections, a past of bloodshed, or a shield of pride and legacy?

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About the Author

Maura Milan currently resides in Los Angeles, where she can be found hanging out in cafes and drinking matcha lattes. In her free time, Maura enjoys watching Korean dramas and hanging out with her schipperke, Thor, who she believes should become a professional comedian.

To this day, Gilbert Blythe is her ultimate boy crush.

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