Review Policy

Please scroll down if you’d like to submit an interview or guest post request as an alternate to a review if you’d like.

I am so happy that you are considering sending me a book! Please read further below on my policy.

I am currently inundated with books to review and review requests, so please don’t expect a response. I don’t have enough time to respond to everyone and I do save the emails if I think we’d be a good fit, I just won’t contact until I have the space to feature it. Thanks for understanding!

Because I have an ongoing reading list and current commitments to books I will review: I have to be quite picky. I take into consideration timing (especially if it hasn’t been released yet) as well as maintaining a good balance between books I have been given and those I have bought. I put a lot of work into my blog, the community on it, and my reviews, so if it is clear that you haven’t read this policy (before sending me a request) please understand that I will delete it.

I work full time and blog in all my spare moments, so I have to be selective of what I can do, without falling over or being a workaholic hermit, so please do us both the favor and read this policy. That way we won’t get our feelings hurt! I am going to start with the things I do not accept and work my way up so that you can find out pretty soon if you do not fall in the right category!! I also do not get paid, or accept payment.

Things I am SUPER selective of:

non-fiction requests: I have reviewed a few non-fiction books on my blog before, and I read biographies and other books that are really informative. But I have to be extra selective because my primary audience is here for my fiction tastes. So please understand if I do not choose your book, there are plenty of other bloggers who would love it!

Things I more readily accept:

There can always be exceptions, so to get the best idea of what I like, and don’t like, try going through some of my most recent posts or archives.


  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • contemporary
  • diverse authors and characters
  • historical fiction
  • general fiction
  • romance
  • mystery/thriller (pretty picky about this because I am a big wimp)

YA Genres (I read pretty much all genres of YA)

What forms to send to me

  • physical copy (preferred for Instagram exposure)
  • E-books

Things to put in your request to save us both time!

  • summary of the book
  • release date
  • a time frame for when YOU expect the review to go live (if I have many at the same time this is a huge factor for me!)
  • any other relevant info

If I accept/receive the book, what are the next steps?

IF I accept or receive your book, know that I cannot guarantee it is read immediately (and posted). I try my absolute best, but there are things in the works and books I am already working under deadlines for. I also have a family, life plans, my job, things like that. I make my blog a huge priority and am very motivated, but that is something we both need to keep in mind.

If the book hasn’t been published yet, I am more free when to post (and can listen to your feedback more). Generally, I try to post my review one to two weeks before the release date and always give a link to preorder the book. That way people can get excited about the book. If you would like something different, tell me from the start.

I always update my goodreads when the book goes live so that I have a nice record at the end of the year. I cross post on Amazon and Goodreads.

General, BUT IMPORTANT other things

My reviews are always my honest opinion and I am unwilling to compromise that. If I do not enjoy your books, my review will be fair. I always try to find the good and bad aspects, but sometimes there is just no getting around a giant hole, or a crumbling plot line. Just because I have been sent the book does NOT mean I will write a unanimous positive review and if you are not okay with the possibility of a negative review, please don’t send it to me. My time is precious, and if I have read a book that is not worth it, I feel it my duty to let my followers know as well (of course in a fair light). When you send me a review, it is a sign that you have acknowledged the possibility of a negative (honorable and respectful) review. I understand that the book is like your child, an extension of yourself, but it is not personal and so please do not send me a negative response afterwards.

I am currently pretty backlogged so please do not expect an immediate reply and currently I am scheduling reviews about 3-4 months in advance so please take that into consideration.

What else will I do? I enjoy

  • author interviews (normally I like to have read the book so I can tailor the questions!)
  • giveaways (ONLY of books I have read or will read)
  • blog tours that are useful and worthwhile to my readers
  • guest blogging if the content is relevant!

What will I NOT do?

  • I will not post about a book if I have not read it, or is not on my reading list
  • paid reviews
  • blogging or content not relevant to my website

And FINALLY, how to contact me now that you’ve gotten to the end of this

utopiastateofmindblog (at) gmail (dot) com