This site will be dedicated to reviews of books I am reading in order to share them with you!  Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t, here is the place you can find out about them!

I am very interested in science fiction, but I read a variety of other types of books. I read a variety of genres, but some particular favorites include utopia/dystopia novels and speculative fiction.


I am currently a Masters Student studying English Literature with a Bachelors in Women’s Studies and English Literature. Because of that combination, and my own personal interests mixed in, I am keenly interested in books that deal with both women and, my passionate pet project, science fiction and fantasy included. I am temporarily living in Germany, but for the majority of my life I lived in New York.


The reviews will be posted on this site.


I post every Monday and usually every Wednesday.


Many of my friends during my studies told me that I would be an excellent book reviewer based on our own conversations and my comments during class. I agree with them. A lot of the books I need for my studies or my personal reading are quite current or I find a lack of reviews or thoughts on them.

So let’s jump down this rabbit hole together, shall we?