Underrated Contemporaries

My friend asked me the other day about contemporaries that were stand alones that I’d recommend. And at first I was thinking…gosh, what could be? So I went through all the reviews I posted this year and came up with this list. These are a mix of gritty and fluffy, but all worth reading!

How many of these have you read? Let me know in the comments below

Underrated Contemporaries

There’s a total of 25 books here released within the last year. Do you see any of your favorites?


How many have you read?

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6 thoughts on “Underrated Contemporaries

  1. I’ve read 4 of these books (WDMR, Queens of Geek, American Panda, and Geekerella) and currently have Emergency Contact hardcover to read. I have to read Brightsiders as well as Puddin’ and Dumplin’, oh never mind, I have to read all of these!

  2. Though I’m sure that I’ve heard of all of them, I don’t think I’ve read any so far. I am very interested in reading some this year.

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