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A Comprehensive List of My 2022 Favorites

This is going to be a MEGA blog post with a list of my favorite books of 2022. When you read 401 books, there will be A LOT of favorites. This is just going to be a list, if you want a bit more about certain books, then I’m going to have to say subscribe to my Youtube channel. There I’ll be going a bit more in depth on them by genres.


For some reason, I’m finding it a lot easier to converse about favorites in video form rather than text. For text, it’s a bit easier to do journal style entries. That being said, I haven’t written a discussion or just thought post in a while – but I hope to in 2023!

Additionally, some of these titles are Harper Collins titles. If you weren’t aware, some Harper Collins employees, over 250 workers, have been on strike since November 10th. It’s absolutely infuriating that Harper Collins hasn’t come to the table to discuss a fair contract for these fabulous workers. They’re asking for basic protections and also an increase in base salary to 50k which is the bare minimum in NYC tbh. Anyway, the union has said if we feature Harper Collins titles in our wrap ups, to mention the union – which I have been all over social media – and I’d recommend if you decide to purchase a copy, to use their Bookshop.org page so they can get a share of the profits to continue their strike efforts. I also won’t be reviewing Harper Collins titles until the strike is over, so I’ve said a little bit about each title below excluding the Harper Titles. Also please boost their messages on social media, donate, and continue to speak out!

Adult SFF

Bluebird – gunslinging in space with a cool librarian side character. If you want to find out more, I’ve also featured Ciel on a Youtube panel and in a Mega SF Q&A Post.

Harper Collins Titles – Babel, The Cartographers, The Last Tale of the Flower Bride (out in February 2023), Heart of the Sun Warrior

The Final Strife – this is for fans of epic fantasy, queer romance, and stories about rebellion. I cannot wait for the sequel this year!

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy – one of my latest obsessions is cozy fantasy and so *SNEAK PEEK* get ready for an upcoming panel also with Megan Bannen!

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches – and also a panel with Sangu Mandanna who has some of my favorite books ever and this one was a cozy fantasy delight

Silver Under Nightfall – this gave me serious Witcher vibes and above all it is just such a fun vampire fantasy with also found family

Legends & Lattes – the ultimate cozy fantasy and 100% you’ve seen someone raving about this one

Adult Fiction

Mika in Real Life – as an adoptee, this one was particularly emotional for me and is all about regrets, love, and distance


Harper Collins Titles: Shipwrecked, Partner in Crime

A Dash of Salt and Pepper – it was difficult to pick between this one and I’m So (Not) Over You, but the chef scenes which made me nostalgic for “The Bear” meant this one won out!

Season of Love – a Jewish queer romance holiday story on a Christmas Tree Farm? Did you even know something so perfect could exist?

Two Wrongs Make a Right – I loved this neurodivergent story about disaster first impressions and finding someone who sees us for who we are

The Decoy Girlfriend – we love a fake dating story, but even more so when they’re a body double in the spotlight. I love Lillie Vale’s stories, and this has to be my favorite!

The Stand Up Groomsman – this queer romance with a stand up comedian love interest will have you laughing, crying, and swooning all at once

Middle Grade

Frizzy – I love this middle grade graphic novel about hair, internalized racism, and family

Witchlings – Claribel A. Ortega’s next middle grade series, this is an utter winner about friendship and belonging

Winnie Zheng Unleashes a Legend – I love Katie Zhao’s books and this middle grade series has taken the cake! With tons of action and hilarity, I cannot wait for the sequel

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor – with some serious laughs, this middle grade merges a love of video games all about visiting our roots and examining the problematic nature of history

Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom – I loved this sequel even more than the first Kiki Kallira Conquers a Curse if I thought that was possible. We love an unconventional heroine and Kikki is the best!

Hana Hsu and the Ghost Crab Nation – this middle grade SF asks questions about technology and ethics in a way that I think is a conversation that 100% has to happen also for younger readers

Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

Harper Collins Titles – A Thousand Steps into Night, Only a Monster, Blood Scion

Cold the Night Fast the Wolves – I love the way this science fiction thriller action story merges technologically changed wolves set in an Alaskan-like snowy landscape with racing

Mindwalker – this book is non-stop action in a science fiction story which will have you unable to put this one down until the ending. Perfect for fans of conspiracy and ethics.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea – is a fabulous story about sacrifice and family from one of my favorite authors, Axie Oh who is an utter winner in any genre

Foul Lady Fortune – Chloe Gong’s latest, this one had me laughing and is a fan of fake dating, spies, and the These Violent Delights duology

This Rebel Heart – this emotional historical fiction fantasy from Katherine Locke is a heart wrending in every and the best way. It’s a gorgeous lyrical fantasy about rebellion and love.

An Arrow to the Moon – is Emily XR Pan’s latest and combines Chinese mythology and Romeo and Juliet in a way that made me gasp – especially towards the ending!

Sofi and the Bone Song – a lyrical fantasy about the emotional abuse of our parents combined with the importance of finding our voice. This one examines this idea that ‘suffering creates art’ and dispels the idea that we need pain to create beauty.

Violet Made of Thorns – for all fans of morally grey heroines, you will love this one all about a girl who just is trying to survive and is a master of spin

Strike the Zither – if you love heroines who will make you feel like you’re not clever enough to hang out with them, Zephyr is going to be your best friend

The Vermilion Emporium – lyrical and whimsical story about grief, sacrifice, and love. Jamie Pacton’s fantasy debut leaves you starstruck

Bloodmarked – the sequel to Legendborn, this installment took every theme I loved from the first – questions of legacy, history, and racism – and expanded it into a compelling and thoughtful sequel

Young Adult Contemporary

Harper Collins Titles – Breathe and Count Back from Ten, The Summer of Bitter and Sweet, Private Label, This Place is Still Called Beautiful, Out of the Blue

Queen of Tiles – this murder mystery thriller is for all the fans of the Queens Gambit who never played chess and instead love Scrabble

Self-Made Boys – made me appreciate The Great Gatsby in a way I never did and is one of my favorite books from Anna-Marie McLemore who is an auto-buy author forever

Ophelia After All – this tender questioning story is about friendship, love, and the struggle of figuring out who we might be

All the Right Reasons – had me laughing and also tearing up in the ways from one of my favorite authors Bethany Mangle which has some truly charming characters

The One True Me & You – talk pageants and comic con smashed into a queer romance all in one

Kiss & Tell – we love boy bands and this one is all about messy characters who are just trying to deal with fame, heartbreak, and creativity on the big stage

Heartbreak Symphony – this emotional story is about love, family, and music which had me weeping

Beauty and Besharam – rivals to romance is such a staple from Lillie Vale and this one will make all girls who have ever felt ‘too much’ seen

See You Yesterday – has time loops and signature Rachel Lynn Solomon banter in a story that I am going to recommend to everyone

A Show for Two – is a story about dreams, sacrifice, and celebrities going undercover at a high school. Inspired by Tashie meeting Tom Holland in high school, this one has delivers the emotional highs and lows expertly

Man O’War – this queer contemporary had my heart in my throat the entire time. Marine themed – you can tell from the title – it’s a story about high school, identity, and family

Zyla & Kai – I love how Kristina Forest examines perception of a seemingly perfect relationship and all the people who think they know us

Hollow Fires – I listened to this audiobook and cried big tears. Samira Ahmed is an auto-buy author, but this one about islamaphobia in implicit and explicit ways made my heart break

Home field Advantage – this queer romantic contemporary is for fans of sports. This is my favorite Dahlia Adler story and the romance and characters absolutely swept me away

Dead End Girls – I loved this twisty contemporary with thriller vibes as two teens go on the run and might also just have feelings for each other?

The Lies We Tell – is another thriller from Katie Zhao and had me totally stumped about what would happen in this story about friendship and appearances

As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow – caused me to cry and instantly tweet about how emotionally attacked I felt by this absolutely timely and gripping contemporary read. Go read it everyone right now

Everyone Hates Kelsie Miller – made me feel seen head to toe about two teens who are both trying to get back someone – a friend and girlfriend- while realizing that the past might not have been what they thought

Drizzle, Dreams, and Lovestruck Things – is for fans of sister stories like Little Women and “Gilmore Girls” all at once. It is a cozy story about family and the ways in which we define ourselves and are supported by our family

We Deserve Monuments – this debut is unlike anything I ever expected and is a story about loss, family secrets, and friendship all at once


What was your favorite read of 2023?

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