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Review: Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things by Maya Prasad

For fans of sister stories, drop everything you’re doing and read Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things. This is the sister book to trump all sister books. Every new season and sister’s POV I kept thinking, “no YOU are my favorite!” Full of character and heart, Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things is a win. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Four sisters, four seasons, four flavors of romance.

The Singh sisters grew up helping their father navigate the bustle of the Songbird Inn. Nestled on dreamy and drizzly Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, the inn’s always been warm and cozy and filled with interesting guests—the perfect home. But things are about to heat up now that the Songbird has been named the Most Romantic Inn in America.

Nidhi has everything planned out—until a storm brings a wayward tree crashing into her life one autumn . . . and along with it, an intriguing construction worker and a yearning for her motherland. Suddenly, she’s questioning everything she thought she wanted.

Avani can’t sit still. If she does, her grief for Pop, their dad’s late husband, will overwhelm her. So she keeps moving as much as she can, planning an elaborate Winter Ball in Pop’s memory. Until a blizzard traps her in a barn with the boy she accidentally stood up and has been actively avoiding ever since.

Sirisha loves seeing the world through her camera, but her shyness prevents her from stepping out from behind the lens. Talking to girls is such a struggle! When a pretty actress comes to the Songbird with her theater troupe, spring has sprung for Sirisha—if only she can find the words.

Rani is a hopeless romantic through and through. After gently nudging her sisters to open their hearts, she is convinced it’s finally her turn to find love. When two potential suitors float in on a summer breeze, Rani is swept up in grandeur to match her wildest Bollywood dreams. But which boy is the one she’s meant to be with?

Ultimately, the magic of the Songbird Inn leads the tight-knit Singh sisters to new passions and breathtaking kisses—and to unearth the truest versions of themselves.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

So if you’re a fan of literary sisters, you have to read Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things. I adored how unique each sister’s POV was, their narration voice and internal introspection. It felt like reading a series of connected vignettes (which reminded me of Three Kisses One Midnight). What I loved about the sister POVs was – not only their individual stories – but also the ways in which they see each other. All these layers of (mis)communication and how we see ourselves versus how others see us.

The layers of (self)perception. And don’t even get me started on how precious their family is from their inn to their delightful father. It was all charming and every time I went to read, I had a smile on my face. I read this basically in four sittings so I could read one sister POV at a time. Some themes which stretched across the stories (but was first brought up in one sister’s POV) was how we sometimes have to let go of the plan. It’s interesting how people think we have things under control, but secretly feel like a puzzle piece that doesn’t belong anymore.

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And how important it is to find someone who challenges us to try new things. To experiment and push ourselves. We can always be so harsh on ourselves, to believe we are screw ups, but a little perspective always helps. It can be difficult to ask for help, to express yourself and take that leap. Throughout Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things Prasad builds upon the sisters and the stories in a delightful and heartwarming way. Find Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


What is your favorite series of POV changes or vignettes?

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