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3 Months 5 Stars Pt. 2

If you didn’t see my post last time, I’ve now begun recapping every three months which books were five star reads for me. Last three months I had over 30, can you guess how many I have this time?

YA Science Fiction

YA Fantasy

YA Contemporary

& More

So there were 29, one less than the first quarter of the year, but not bad right? I am so excited for these future reviews, hopefully I keep somewhat ahead, it’s a good sign when I’ve read books further ahead because it means better reviews and less stress!


What were some of your 5 star reads so far?

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2 thoughts on “3 Months 5 Stars Pt. 2

  1. My last five star read was Wicked Fox, and I’m almost positive that my current read will be too! (It’s front desk by Kelly Yang!)

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