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Third Annual Book Blogger Awards Nomination Post

I can’t believe this is the first year I’ve done this (at least that I can remember), but I am so excited to highlight some of my favorites for the Annual Book Blogger Awards!

How it Works

I wanted to include the rules and details in case you wanted to nominate some of your faves too, but for the full details, check out the original post! You have until Saturday, July 20 (comments will close and I will not accept nominations later than 11:59 PM CDT)


(Most of these are directly from Joce’s 2018 post.)

  • All nominees MUST BE BOOK BLOGGERS. (That’s the point.)
  • You do not have to be a book blogger to nominate/vote for others.
  • You can nominate up to three (3) bloggers for each category.
  • Make sure that the blogger(s) you nominate for each category actually fit that category. Please don’t make it so that I have to check each and every nomination!!
  • Please try to nominate as many different bloggers as you can, instead of nominating the same ones over and over again!
  • In your nominations, include the blogger’s name, their blog’s name, and a link to their blog. (Preferred format would be, for example, May @ Forever and Everly.) It isn’t required at all, but it would be so lovely if you wrote a description for each blogger on why you chose to nominate them for that category!
  • You do not have to nominate a blogger for every category.
  • To reiterate, you can nominate people by writing a post, or if absolutely necessary, in the comments below. Tag your nomination posts with #2019BookBloggerAwards and either link it back to this post or post the link in the comments to make sure that I see it.


I won’t be doing all the categories, because I’m a very bad book blogger and am awful at blog hopping and so there are just general holes in who I know and what categories I read, sorry!



  • Middle Grade or Younger -> Laura @ Green Tea & Paperbacks When Laura recommends a middle grade, I buy or request no questions asked
  • New Adult / General Adult -> Angharad @ Two Book Thieves I love all the adult fiction recs from The Two Book Thieves and have for years now!
  • Romance -> Melanie @ Mel to the Any Talk about a romance queen! I’ve gotten at least 2 recommendations this month so far!
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy -> Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks Because um hello, when you organize a read-a-thon, then I will connect the two 😉


  • Best Book Reviews -> Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams I love sharing books with Lily, but also recommendations are always on point, Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricaine I could have put Marie all over the place, but I have to spread out my faves!
  • Best Book Recommendations -> Rachel @ Rec-itRachel My queen <3
  • Best Discussion Posts -> Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads Talk about someone who’s discussion posts and posts in general I bookmark to read later
  • Best Blog Aesthetic -> CW @ The Quiet Pond because HELLO THE POND PALS?! Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales vastly different theme, but oh so calming
  • Best Blogging/Writing Voice -> Elin @ Annotated Paperbacks yet another one of my faves especially when it comes to comics!, Julianna @ Paperblots Love Julianna’s chatty posts, inspiring!, Rain @ Bookdragonism I love when blog posts feel like Mini-chats like with Rain


  • Most Engaged in the Community -> Shealea @ Shut up Shealea this nomination was instantaneous! , Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricaine Marie is the commenting hero I need in my life
  • Best Personality -> Melanie @ Mel to the Any I met Mel at Bookexpo and what a beam of light! Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany talk about Instagram and what a photogenic queen,Eloise @ Eloise Writes another just lovely and positive force!
  • Friendliest Member of the Community -> Avalinah @ Avalinah’s BooksI feel like my nominations for this category require NO NEED TO EXPLAIN! Cait @ Paperfury Cait has been so kind to me over the years and I love interacting with Cait all over the place!,
    Laura @ Green Tea and Paperbacks Laura is sunshine in a human
  • Best at Promoting Diverse Books -> Fadwa @ Word Wonders this goes without saying, Fadwa is someone I trust without any doubt,
    Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea Shealea always comes to mind when I think of book recommendations that are diverse, ALL THE LOVE!


  • Best New Book Blogger (started blog after August 2018) -> Shri @ Sun and Chai I can only be so so excited for how Shri will grow and bloom!
  • Best Small Book Blogger (under 1,000 followers) [two winners!] -> Sara @ Lyrical Reads I know Sara in person, and I can say she is as lovely as her blog!, Camillea @ Camillea Reads bah everything from the aesthtics to the consistency, SO GREAT! Haley @ Fangirl Fury I had the pleasure of meeting Haley and working with her and what a great emerging voice!
  • Best Overall Book Blogger [two winners!]
    Vicky @ Vicky who Reads Vicky is one of the most hardworking humans I know and I feel so grateful to be her friend

That being said, I have 100% forgotten people and that already makes me feel awful, but please don’t hate me! I’ll get you next time 😉


Who might deserve to be here that I might not know of yet?

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19 thoughts on “Third Annual Book Blogger Awards Nomination Post

  1. AAAAH I STILL SCREAM AND CRY IN PURE JOY WHEN PRECIOUS BOOK BLOGGERS NOMINATE ME ALONGSIDE ALL THESE LEGENDS. Thank you so much for believing in me and my work, Lili! You’re one of the brightest lights in this community and I’m so glad that I met you

  2. Oh my god Lili thank you so, so, so much for thinking of me for these awards, I’m honored and ahh, to be featured alongside these incredible bloggers you are way, way too sweet, thank you so much for your sweet words, this means the world to me <3 <3 <3

  3. AAHH LILI!! This is an absolutely amazing list of bloggers and I appreciate you so much for putting this all together for the awards. And of course, thank you so much for nominating me!! It means so much to me, especially being alongside all these other amazing bloggers!

  4. Lili!! You’re too sweet and too kind to me. I’m so honored to be nominated by you, especially among such amazing bloggers. You are also such an inspiration, and I love your blog lots so this really means a lot to me. ❤️

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