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Review: Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody

With sequels, and specifically series enders, it’s so easy for me to fall into high level obsession. There’s not only so much at stake, but so much emotional investment in the characters. Their lives, loves, mistakes, and regrets. Reading Queen of Volts brought me back immediately and this one broke my heart in the best way. Keep reading this book review to find out how great this sequel was.


Return to the City of Sin, where the final game is about to begin…and winning will demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Only days after a corrupt election and brutal street war, one last bloodthirsty game has begun. The players? The twenty-two most powerful, notorious people in New Reynes.

After realizing they have no choice but to play, Enne Scordata and Levi Glaisyer are desperate to forge new alliances and bargain for their safety. But while Levi offers false smiles and an even falser peace to the city’s politicians, Enne must face a world where her true Mizer identity has been revealed…and any misstep could turn deadly.

Meanwhile, a far more dangerous opponent has appeared on the board, one plucked right from the most gruesome legends of New Reynes. As the game takes its final, vicious turn, Levi and Enne must decide once and for all whether to be partners or enemies.

Because in a game for survival, there are only losers…

And monsters.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from Edelweiss. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

There’s history within these pages. As I began reading Queen of Volts, I was immersed in the past mistakes and protections disguised as betrayals. The yearning twisted by desire and regret. With series enders, it’s hard to discuss the book without spoiling the first two OR the current one. There’s layers to unpack, character growths to discuss, and mysteries that become clearer. But, regardless, Queen of Volts delivers the trademark plot mastery, twists, and turns. It also continues our emotional angst by putting our beloved characters through the wringer.

Emotional Angst Galore

I first read Ace of Shades for a blog tour for the second, King of Fools. I knew I was hooked (and incredibly spoiled since I didn’t have to wait). This multiple POV novel features a variety of characters (with queer characters as well), who are struggling not only to survive, but also to navigate their own ambitions, heart ache, and mistakes. Toxic relationships, flashbacks that haunt our mornings, and sacrifices yet to be made. Who will we give up to get what we want? The City of Sin does not allow bargains to be made without consequences.


While there’s plenty of action in Queen of Volts, I have been obsessed with this series for the characters. They give the actions stakes. Pieces of our soul we must bargain with to fight for a future of possibility. In Queen of Volts, they are all asked if we can move beyond our past mistakes and last words. This newest, bloodthirsty game, requires us to redefine our concepts of loyalty, revenge, and the history behind it. It’s a story of masterful manipulation and events in the making for decades. But the characters are what gives the pages wings. They’re what make us keep reading until our heart aches.

While I can’t relate to their situations, having never had to play a game for my life, their choices resonate with us. When we are so terrified of losing what we love, who we love, that we must bargain for what we need. Or even just that fire within us of pure ambition. All scarred by our pasts, they must figure out what defines us. What happens when we change into people we don’t recognize? Do we become too far gone? Is that possible?


Queen of Volts is a story about people trying to live in a world of fractured friendships and ruptured relationships. It’s a sequel that is a victory because of its emotional characters, fast paced plot, and introspection. Throughout it all, we are asked to whom are responsible? It asks important questions about our responsibility and duty. Our mistakes that are either the beginning of a trend or a one time burst. We can become wrapped up in our own stories and legends, Queen of Volts is a quest for truth.

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What is your favorite multiple POV fantasy novel?

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