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Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

I sped through The Falconer. Surprised by how emotional this book made me, I think that is a true test of how well May brings her characters to life. It wasn’t even only the main character, but all of them!


Lady Aileana Kameron has enough on her plate with having to worry about her entrance back into society after she witnessed the murder of her mother. However, things just got complicated as she must balance her dance cards and her need to hunt the Fae – those responsible for her mother’s death. Committed to saving humans, at the cost of her dignity, Kam’s life is about to get even more difficult as the fate in the world hangs in the balance.


My absolute favorite part of this book were the characters. So let me begin with the main one and work my way down. Lady Aileana is smart, strong, and clever. She wears elaborate dresses, can defeat powerful Fae, and is a brilliant inventor. I fell in love with her skills and her wit, but her vulnerability really won me over. Her grief over the death of her mother is raw and moving. It is the reason for her quest of revenge and is entirely relatable. That’s what makes Kam, her nickname, so compelling: her combination of personality and backstory.

Even the side characters are amazing. Whether it be her pixi companion, her best friend, or her maid, each of them charm us in their own ways. I loved Derrick for his honey cravings and genuine affection for Kam. Catherine’s trust and support touched my heart. And Kiaran’s turbulent soul, mysterious past, but genuine fragility won me over. I can’t decide who I love more, Kiaran or Kam!

By seeing inside of Kam’s head and hearing her thoughts, it makes the plot even more urgent and emotional. All of these side characters combine to take part in a story full of adventure, love, and the sacrifices we make to fulfill our duty. I solidly recommend this book if you are craving a badass female who is willing to defy society to save it, steampunk inventions, or side characters that will make you fall in love with them.

If you are interest, you can pick this up on Amazon, add it to your Goodreads, or visit the author’s website.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.


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