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TTT: Top Three Things on My Reading Wishlist

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday we’re talking all about things from our reading wishlist. This could be tropes, or the elimination of tropes, time periods, characters, etc. The whole Top Ten Tuesday meme is organized by the lovely Broke and the Bookish and you can see the whole list here. My list is sort of all other place, but the main thing I want, oh reading fairy, is for there to be more diverse adult SF/F books. So let’s begin there shall we?

More Diverse Adult SF/Fantasy Books

Come on. I am tired of seeing diverse books that only feature younger protagonists. Don’t get me wrong. I am so happy there are more diverse books in general. They make my little reading heart sing. But what I really want is diverse adult protagonists. And also in SF/Fantasy because that’s my jam. I know there are diverse adults and I know there are adult SF/Fantasy heroines, so just smush them together why don’t you!

I’m not a young adult anymore, and I just want a few protagonists/heroines to represent me. I do enjoy tons of YA books, and you can see that from my reviews. Is it so wrong for me to ask??

Out of the Borders Fairy Tale Retellings

I want some really radical fairy tale smash ups. Some obscure fairy tales on different planets, in space, with aliens, and giant cupcakes! (any one of those combinations would be good with me). But seriously. It’s time to take them on radically, to break the bounds of their storylines. Let’s throw new characters in, an animal companion. To get a taste of what I’m talking about, read The Starlit Wood. It’s seriously amazing, it’s true (review coming soon).

Non-Humanoid Aliens

I think it’s unreasonable to assume if we found aliens they would all look humanoid (you know, two legs, two arms, one head). I’ve read a few books that try to justify it and some that just don’t and I remain unconvinced. I know that we can do better than this. Just take the aliens from the Xenogensis, or Binti (my review of Binti). I want really radically different ones, maybe they hover, maybe they swim in mid-air. Have as many heads as you want, or even none at all! Just challenge me, make me use my imagination and draw images in my head.

I know I could think of a few more, but these are my major three. The ones I want, like right now.


What things are on your reading wishlist? Do we have any similar? (We could start a petition!)

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6 thoughts on “TTT: Top Three Things on My Reading Wishlist

  1. I agree with everything on your list.

    Your request for more diversity is something my site mentioned this week as well. It is so nice to find books that include this. We really need more of them.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday

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