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November Release Radar

November was the pre-holiday season rush. It’s when we feel all this pressure for the upcoming holiday season. Did you make sure you got all the books you wanted to? Read my release radar to see the books that came out in November. And see my reviews all at once! How helpful!

Week 1

Girls of Paper and Fire

Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion

Little White Lies


This week was such a powerhouse. I adored GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE more than words itself. And then LITTLE WHITE LIES was such an amazing surprise of mystery and family drama.

Week 2

The Storyteller

Empire of Sand

This Splintered Silence

You know this week would be important for me because of my one and only STORYTELLER release.

Week 3

Queen of Zazzau

Week 4

Amber & Dusk

The Mortal Word


What new books did you get in November?

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