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Blog Tour & Guest Post: Indenture by Eunice E. Frimpong

Welcome everyone to my blog tour stop for the Indenture Blog Tour. I am so pleased to be hosting today because I am always trying to read more poetry. Today I’ll be presenting a short review and then a guest post from the author! So exciting.

A little blurb about Indenture from the organizers:

Refreshing and uplifting, Frimpong’s poetry will kindle pursuit of resolution and truth.
Indenture, a legal contract, has long held an historic association with slavery.
Indenture: Free the Live by Eunice E. Frimpong explores far-ranging themes including wealth, addiction and purpose, to challenge our perceptions of enslavement in the present era.

Poetry Review

Poetry is an entirely subjective experience. Every person searches for some entirely different and certain topics resonate differently, like frequencies. Indenture is a short and sweet collection of poetry. There lines are simple, but laden with powerful words and messages. It is a quick read, but one that will resonate with those who are spiritual. One of my favorite lines is “words germinate to terminate life”, that just has such a great ring to it.

You can pick up your copy of Indenture from Amazon (UK), or Barnes and Nobles.

Guest Post from the Author

I have always loved writing and used to write stories when I was younger. I started writing poetry because I wanted to try and capture experiences of life. I was also interested in how I could communicate an experience, that others could relate to and draw inspiration from. I wrote more poetry because I started delivering spoken words at different events and discovered I could write about a wide range of topics I was given.

The topic of freedom is so important to me because human beings thrive in it. I have seen that in life, there are so many things that can keep somebody restricted. The limitations on a life confined to a physical prison, is somebody’s daily existence outside of such an institution. Enslavement is: the struggle to understand and live a purposeful life; the lack of finances; an unwillingness to forgive; an inability to recognise the enjoyment of marriage; addiction; a distorted understating of situations; having suicidal thoughts and tendencies; a life without God.

There were lots of topics I wrote about and decided not to include in the book. This book does not try to cover every form of enslavement. My desire is that somebody will know that their experience in life, is not unique, other people also share in that experience. However, there is always, no-matter what the situation may be, the ability to be freed from it.

The book also focuses on God. When you have experienced life with God, you recognise that there is nothing sweeter or better and that life has no meaning without God. God is the only one that desires and is able to go through every experience of life with us.

About The Author

Originally born in Ghana, Eunice E. Frimpong came to live in London as a child. She attended the University of Manchester and abroad at the University of Missouri where she studied history and became more involved in her Christian faith. She has worked as a teacher to children with special education needs and disabilites and still works as an educator in London. This is her first book.


What was the last poetry collection you read?

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