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Wish Quartet Media Tour

I am so pleased to be participating in the Wish Quarted Media Tour. As you may be aware, I’m a big fan of Elise Kova (her Loom series is among my favorite fantasy series), and as soon as The Society of Wishes came out I knew I had to request it. And I did. If you’ve been following me, you could have seen that review. I also reviewed the sequel, Circle of Ashes and loved it even more than the first!

Today I wanted to showcase the Quartet, so far – it will be four books – and list a few of the things I love so much about the Quartet. I’m going to begin by inserting snippets of my reviews of book one and two, and then my list. Stay tuned to the end for the giveaway and tour schedule!

Society of Wishes

book review Society of Wishes by Elise Kova and Lynn MarshExcerpt from my review:

I was immediately hooked. Jo is just my kind of heroine. She is super sassy, totally stubborn, and not afraid to voice her opinion. And she hits all my sweet spots: incredibly talented, a bit of a loner, and considers her to be a ‘shewolf’. So I absolutely loved to see how her character changed throughout the book.

But I also really enjoyed the side characters of the other ‘wish granters’. Each one has their own backstory and personality. I can’t wait to read about them all! (Which makes me sound a bit like a Pokemon collector, but for these scrumptious characters, I’ll take it).

Circle of Ashes

book review Circle of ashes by elise kova and lynn larshExcerpt from my review:

In Circle of Ashes the stakes are higher than we’ve ever seen before. In Society of Wishes we were able to see how a wish worked and what we could do to solve it, but what if we cannot solve the wish? This is one of the largest and more terrifying scenario. Reading this book felt like watching the time tick down on a bomb in a movie and not knowing if they can disarm it. It’s exactly like that. We’re wondering – can they solve this and if they can or cannot, what are the consequences? As we know, all wishes come with a cost.

5 Things I Love About this Series

  1. Morality is constantly being discussed. You’d think that these big wish granters would have some of this figured out – but nope! They’re still struggling like the rest of us.
  2. The characters are so great. I hope we see even more and more of them, but what I loved about Circle of Ashes wast that I got to see more in-depth of them.
  3. It’s clear there’s this larger end game going on, even if we haven’t seen all of it yet. I feel appreciative that I know this is going somewhere, and each sequel reveals more and more of the puzzle.
  4. Jo – the starring protagonist – is someone who really has to grow in each book. She has to figure out where she stands and her relationships to those around her. She’s the newest of the crew, and so she grapples with lots of issues that they are more of less resigned to.
  5. Larsh and Kova are such a dynamic duo. I never get the feeling their writing is disjointed and it always flows seamlessly. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see how they do it!

The Giveaway

Make sure you head to the link below for your chance to win a book!


The Tour

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Have you read anything else by Kova? (Have I worn you down yet?!)

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