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TTT: Throwback Freebie – Children’s Books

Now originally for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, I was going to do books I read in High School -specifically Urban Fantasy. And I will! Just not today. I couldn’t make enough room in my schedule to take some great photos for you all, so instead I decided to do a different kind of throwback for you – children’s books.

Being home, I’ve been looking at all my old shelves, and while there are tons from my life that sort of trace how I got here – and what type of reader I am. There’s a ton of children’s books. I devoured books as a child. It was where my love of reading comes from and I am a voracious reader. So that being said, bed time story time has been my favorite forever. It’s still how I would like to go to sleep. When I’m sick, I still want someone to read me a story. It’s been ingrained into me.

I live and breath stories.

So do you want to know where it all came from? I’ll tell you all my favorite children’s books and I would love to know if you also love them.

  1. A Mother for Choco. This story was the most heart warming story ever about adoption and finding your family with those who love you.
  2. Warm in Winter. Is this where my extreme love of Winter came from? Probably.
  3. Streganona. I am still so in love with the illustrations in these books.
  4. Too Many Pumpkins. I still can’t get over how many pumpkins.
  5. Pooh Bear. I know it’s not a picture book, but it is one of the most read books in my household and it needs to be on this list.
  6. Frog and Toad. Also all the animated cartoons.
  7. Koala Lou. Just hearing this title makes me emotional.
  8. Hedgehog Bakes a Cake. This inspired my love of baking. It has to be. Also my mom is an expert baker.
  9. The Long Haired Maiden. I actually loved this story as a child, I don’t know why, maybe I felt some deep connection with the representation?
  10. Goodnight Moon. The bunny from this was one of my first stuffed animals.
  11. And an extra freebie, Guess How Much I Love You.


What were your favorite children’s books?

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13 thoughts on “TTT: Throwback Freebie – Children’s Books

  1. Great take on the topic. A few years ago I went back to find the what would now be considered “middle grade” books from my childhood. Unfortunately they’re not as good as I remember, but the nostalgia factor makes me keep them.

    Happy reading,
    eli @ the (book) supplier
    My TTT

  2. Koala Lou is one of my favourites too, from my preschool teaching days. I taught one little girl in particular who obsessed about this book and I read it sooooooooooo many times. We would both get emotional every time I read ‘Koala Lou I do love you, I always have and I always will’ <3

  3. I wish I still had all of my books from when I was a kid; most of them were even given away to family friends’ kids or were donated to charity. One of my favourite authors when I was a kid was Enid Blyton and I had a few of her short story collections that I read all the time 🙂

  4. Good Night Moon is awesome. I still think it’s comforting to look at, just the art and the quietness of it, if that makes sense. Pooh Bear of course is the best. And A Mother for Choco looks adorable.

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