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The Reading Quest Wrap Up

So today brings you my long awaited, for me, Reading Quest Wrap Up post! If you’re unfamiliar, please see my Sign Up Post (to see my TBR and how it works). Now this month was so hectic and I ended up not completing the entire board. I was disappointed by this, but I really did try my best! But let’s get into what I did read!

So I am going to talk a little about my process and some general thoughts.


I began my Quest with the Mage path beginning with The Girl with the Red Balloon and finishing up with The Girl from Everywhere. From this path my favorite is such toughie – but I might have to say it’s a tie between Want and The Girl with the Red Balloon with The Girl from Everywhere and The Dark Wife being a close second. I’ll just go ahead and say that the books from this path were my ABSOLUTE favorite.


Next I moved onto the Rogue, beginning with Want and ending with Persepolis. (By the way, I will review all of these on my blog, but in due time since I have a ton of ARCs I still need to review – yikes). This was a sort of tricky row, but my favorite, would have to be Want. Addicted to Death is a good close up tied with The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf.


I did another mini-jump and headed straight to the Knight. I began with Before She Ignites and finished with Infinity Wars. This path had the most novellas, but tied with the Bard path, and it included my favorite novella series, to date, The Red Thread of Fortune (review coming Wednesday!). For me, the hands down winner here is The Girl from Everywhere, but Before She Ignites and Infinity Wars are great runner ups.

Finally, Bard

And this rounds up my last Main Quest path. I started with Sea Foam and Silence and ended up with 1Q84, which I just finished before starting this post. I think this may be my least favorite class, but my overwhelming favorites was Artemis with Sea Foam and Silence and Persepolis as the runner ups here.

Side Quests

Here is where I didn’t manage all of them. I did end up reading so many fabulous books here, Starfish and Rebel Seoul being my absolute favorites. I didn’t mange to read Illuminae, Wonder Woman, Strange the Dreamer, or Sour Sweet. I’ll get to them! Just not now and maybe not even the rest of the year (except Wonder Woman). I just have so much on my plate getting used to this new job and balancing blog work, that I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep!!

I didn’t do any of the XP/HP counts here, because they were pretty confusing to me, but I can tell you what I think I might be. XP:400 and HP: 542 (although HP was the most difficult to calculate)


Did you participate? How’d you do?

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