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TTT: Beginners Recs to Sci-Fi

It cannot be a surprise that I am a huge fan of science fiction. Two thesis will do that to you huh? I have so many favorites. I love the cyber punk, the alien spaceships, and the cyborgs. While I am no expert, and certainly not at the old SF giants, I have some recommendations for those who want to break into the genre. Let me lead you! These are some introductory books and novellas. This is part of the Top Ten Tuesday series that is just returning! (See the full list here).


I couldn’t do a post without featuring some of my favorite authors: Margaret Atwood and Octavia Butler. These two have special places in my heart. Butler because I did my whole thesis on her Xenogenesis Trilogy, which goes into my recommendations! Seriously. Start with Dawn and move your way forwards. It only gets more and more alien focus as it goes on.

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. I have to mention the Binti novellas. They are so fantastic on their own, the third will be out next year and I am low key waiting every day for an ARC of that (if the odds are in my favor).

Alternate Worlds

Just another Atwood book I have (and not read!)

Getting back to Atwood, I have to feature Oryx and Crake. This is a fantastic mix of environmental problems, genetic mixing, and asks us what is essential about humanity. It is so good and one of the less spoken about novels from Atwood. I know there’s a lot of buzz surrounding her and The Handmaid’s Tale, but I loved this even more. It is worth checking it out if you wanted a mix of sociopaths, world destruction, and human exploration. (For all my future Atwood novels, like the one on the left, I’ll let you know what I think)


The first that pops up to me, besides my thesis ones, is The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi. This book has such an intense plot with its multiple perspective. It doesn’t only have cyborgs, but so much more. Extremely rich in details and completely immersive, you won’t regret it. This is one of those novels where the synopsis just scrapes the surface. If you liked it, you might like Infomocracy, and visa versa. They have similar vibes. When I decide to re-read this, I’ll post a review of this gorgeous book for you!

Warcross by Marie LuCyberpunk

And this is my most recent ARC, but also SF read – Warcross by Marie Lu. This book was SO good. It was everything I wanted from virtual reality and hacking. It takes place in this advacned tech society and asks important questions about the ethics of technology and the line between virtual reality and fiction. Oh it also features a rainbow haired protagonists and an amazing plot. So if you wanted more reasons to love it, there you go. (Review to come closer to the publication date 😉 )

I am also HIGHLY anticipating Autonomous. I read it and it is phenomenal! This book was made for me, especially after my last thesis. It had gender questions, multiple refracted lenses of autonomy, and ethics of biotechnology. Like what? Also pirates and robots? I could not actually ask for more. It was mind blowing and I am beyond excited I was able to read a physical ARC of it, my first ones ever. Stay tuned for a review coming at you soon!


So there are my beginner recs into SF, any other ones to add to the list?

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23 thoughts on “TTT: Beginners Recs to Sci-Fi

  1. I had no idea you did your thesis on science fiction! That’s incredibly awesome! The Xenogenesis Trilogy is on my TBR at the moment. I hear they’re making an adaption of Dawn, so I really need to get a move on with it.

  2. I love sci-fi and I think you’ve recommended some good books here I am DYING to get my hands on Warcross when it’s released because so many people have been raving about it.

  3. You always make such great recommendations. I read the second book in the Oryx and Crake series, not knowing it was a series until too late. I have never gone back and read the first book. Bad me. I love The Handmaid’s Tale but want to read the Blind Assassin. Atwood is amazing. My TTT

  4. What a fun twist to this week’s topic. I’m also a huge fan of sci-fi, and I must agree that Orxy and Crake is a wonderful place to start for anyone who isn’t familiar with this genre already.

    Octavia Butler is fantastic as well. I love the way she focuses on world-building. It’s so easy to lose yourself in her stories. I’d have to say that Fledgling was my favourite book from her, although all of them are well worth reading.

    Here is my TTT.

    1. Yes yes! All the Oryx love and so glad you agree 🙂 Fledgling is great, but I couldn’t include it here since it’s more fantasy 🙁 BUT that’s a great idea for another post….Thanks for leaving your link!

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