Top Ten Tuesday: Books with my Favorite Color

I’m one of those people who’s cover tastes are all over the place. I love striking graphic ones, I love when there are people on them, and I love simple ones too. My bookshelves lack a cohesive aesthetic. But today’s Top Ten Tuesday post, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, gives me the opportunity to showcase some of my favorite covers. My favorite color is red, so I’m going to focus on covers with red!

The Covers

So as you can see, the cover designs are all over the place – but they do have red.


What is your favorite cover color? Or your favorites from my favorites?

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books with my Favorite Color

  1. Nice selection here. I see many books I really want to read, especially Puddin, The Astonishing Color of After, Poet X, and The Beauty that Remains.

  2. My favorite color changes from mood to mood, honestly! Im feeling purple now, and usually yellow or orange when Im really happy!

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