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Review: Containment by Caryn Lix

I am such a sucker for space setting heists and a group of misfits. So you know I was here for Sanctuary and needed to get my hands on Containment. Overall, I enjoyed the sequel, even if it didn’t grip me as much as the first.


Ex-Omnistellar prison guard Kenzie and her superpowered friends barely made it off Sanctuary alive. Now they’re stuck in a stolen alien ship with nowhere to go and no one to help them. Kenzie is desperate for a plan, but she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Everyone has their own dark secrets: Omnistellar, her parents, even Cage. Worse still, she’s haunted by memories of the aliens who nearly tore her to shreds—and forced her to accidentally kill one of the Sanctuary prisoners, Matt.

When Kenzie intercepts a radio communication suggesting that more aliens are on their way, she knows there’s only one choice: They must turn themselves in to Omnistellar and destroy the ship before the aliens follow the signal straight to them. Because if the monstrous creatures who attacked Sanctuary reach Earth, then it’s game over for humanity.

What Kenzie doesn’t know is that the aliens aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Omnistellar has put a bounty on Kenzie’s head—and the question is whether the aliens or Omnistellar get to her first.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from Edelweiss. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: Drug use

While Containment didn’t have the same pull as Sanctuary for me, I really loved certain elements – Kenzie’ PTSD experiences, discussion of loyalties, and the different characters struggling to figure out what we do afterwards. The found family trope will always tug at my heart, and Containment is one of those perfect books about family. It’s a story about the family that turns their back on us, the family we choose, and the family we are stuck with.

As we are forced to live with what comes afterwards the big battle, the characters in Containment have to figure out where their loyalties lie. As betrayals and characters come back into our lives, our group of misfits and anomalies have to figure out what they will sacrifice for the good of the universe. Forced to think about the grander future brings out not only their selflessness, but the selfishness of humanity. Fighting against greed and power, Kenzie still struggles with PTSD after the alien attack and her journey was really great to read about – how some characters can’t just walk away from these large scale attacks.

The world becomes even more complicated as the universe expands in Containment and we learn more about the members of the family even more. Mysteries, conspiracies, and legends become true. Even when our beliefs are misguided, when we are willing to sacrifice, sometimes we can’t be talked out of it.

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What is your favorite character who struggles with PTSD?

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