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July Wrap Up

Funny story, I thought for a whole day that it was already August and then only when I was picking giveaway winners, did I realize I was wrong. That’s how out of it I am. Then again, I start to ask myself if I should always be so out of it?

Books Read

But whether or not I should be so out of it, it’s kind of a moot point since July is gone now. It probably has to do with how much work and reading I do, not to mention that my schedule is so off recently. I’ve been traveling a lot at the end of July, which has thrown everything off. I never know what date it is really. I began July by finishing up some graphic novels that have been on my TBR for a while and finishing up Royals on audiobook!

And then it was off to the bulk of July for me. Know that you can always click on the picture. I know I can always tell the books because I see the covers all the time, but still! I was able to catch up on a bunch of blog tours for the rest of the year which was a fabulous feeling. Don’t you love when for a split second you feel like you might just have things under control? I also decided to try to read a few more novellas than in June so that I could bulk up my Goodreads goal a little but – plus some of my graphic novels.

In other news, I also started a book I thought would be a graphic novel, but which was not – which was a yucky feeling. But overall, it was a fabulous reading month. Not as many 5 star reads as some others, but still a fabulous month! There were a ton of 4 star reads so no real disappointment here!


I haven’t updated y’all in a few months about my challenge status! I have fulfilled my Goodreads goal and read 221 books so far – my goal was 200. Additionally I have read 83 2019 releases in this year so far. My goal is 108 so I think I’m well on the way to finishing that within the next two months for sure! I’ve also read 57 books from Netgalley/Edelweiss with only about 20 to go until my goal of 70. Less than 20, but I hope I could do this next month – ambitious I know! Having crushed the lowest tier of YARC in June, I’ve read 44 books out of the next tier which has a goal of 50 books for the Elephant. I mean my real goal is over 50, so I have still a bit of time to go.

Trying to read more Backlist books, I did quite well in July with 7. That’s a bit higher I feel than my other months, bringing my total to 22 which crushes my goal of 17. I think my ambitious goal was 52, so 1 for each week. I don’t know if I can get to that goal since it’s the most ambitious of all my goals. Except I want to keep reading backlist books to get through my pile of author/publisher sent ones – so fingers crossed?

And finally my retelling goal of 17. I’ve now read exactly 14! Not sure how I’m doing on the specific prompt ones, so I’ll update you on which ones I still have left in August!


How was your July reading month?

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