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November Reflections

Today I’m sharing my reflections from November. Which is going to be super short because I barely remember November at all. It may be because I decided encouraging my Slytherin ambitions was a good idea. And reading a book a day was still a good idea. So I really don’t remember at all what I did in November. Unless it was in my calendar. I keep telling myself next month will be better. So let’s just give it up and say 2019 I am going to try to be better. I’ll just write December off for now. Maybe it’s because I want to be on top of January, 2 weeks ahead of content, and pre-releases. So that’s a tall order.

That being said, if everything goes according to plan, that’s where I’ll be in January. I know you’re all like you keep saying you’ll get on a track. Yeah. I know. Yada yada. But I think 2019 will be a good time for this you know? New Years Resolutions and trying to get a job.

Because I haven’t applied yet. It’s not because I’m so busy with books. It’s that I don’t feel ready. I’m burnt out on life and trying to find a new dream has been flummoxing. I don’t have one. I keep waking up wondering if it’s ever going to happen for me. And it hasn’t yet.

So I’m just doing the best I can, as I go. It’s not a total success. Or even something I want to brag about (if there was even anything to brag about). But it’s all I got for now. And that has to be enough.


How was your November?

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