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Review: Infinity by Tabitha Lord

This sequel proves even better than the first, serving us more action, complexity, and a rich backstory. While there are losses and moments full of suspense, even till the very end, Infinity transports us to a planet in flux and fighting for its life.


Caeli must return to her home planet as a threat from above and within threaten its existence. Terrified to return under the gaze of the brutal dictator who terrorized her and her people, Caeli is forced to be brave and fight for her homeland. However, this time she has some help from her friends. Derek and his crew have volunteered to come along, fight a battle that isn’t strictly theirs, all to take a stand against slavery and cruelty.


A complete surprise for me in this book, was the recovery of files from the past of Almagest, Caeli’s planet. The history of Almgest, is told through lab records within the larger arc, a story within a story. Unraveling their origin and history, Caeli realizes that the very conflicts that resulted in the situation today bare a resemblance to those from years ago. It asks us, if we understand the past, can we better fix the future? Nevertheless, these chapters from the past are fascinating and put their current situation on a parallel field to their past (something I will talk about a little later in the review).

Character of Caeli

Yet again, my appreciation for Caeli has only increased since book number one. She displays a different kind of strength, not in brute strength, or tactical genius, but in compassion and caring. Always first to address supplies and those injured, Caeli’s bravery and character are tested as she takes on more responsibility and danger. Her growth is not without hiccups either. There is a distinct scene where Caeli is confronted with a sinister enemy and must decide whether to seek vengeance, justice, or a mixture of both. I refuse to spoil you, but the results may not be what you expect. One of my favorite parts of this book was the relationship between Caeli and Derek. In this sequel, I felt it was more complex, full of nuanced conversations about ethics, and their future.


This is also a theme that is brought up throughout the book in a myriad of nuanced ways. In these pages as the rebels fight for control of their society, they must ask themselves: exactly what separates them from those they seek to overthrow? What will their future look like, if they succeed, and how will they differentiate themselves? (A great deal of these questions, while not explicitly framed in comparison to their history, cannot escape the resemblance. As a reader, one can see the parallels between their origin as a planet, and their current situation, and wonder exactly where ethics will stand once the dust settles).

In conclusion,

A story of revolution and hope, Infinity presents its readers with an action filled windy plot populated by compelling and interesting characters. The old favorite characters, especially Caeli, who we know and love, gain more depth while their romances never seem to lose their shine. The story of its past, within its larger rebellion plotline, gives the entire story a new flavor and complexity that pushes this sequel higher in my favor than the first. And I have a distinct feeling that Lord is just getting started on this intergalactic journey she has taken us on. You’ll just have to read it to find out.

You can pick up Infinity on Amazon(US),add it to your Goodreads, and visit Lord’s website.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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