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Asian Lit Bingo & AsianReadathon TBR + Backlist BookWorms

If you weren’t aware, in the US May is Asian & Pacific Islanders Heritage Month. And if you weren’t aware, I’m also a Chinese American. To say I have been preparing my TBR for this month for OVER a month is an understatement.

Asian Lit Bingo

Let’s break down what the Asian Lit Bingo is first. There is a bingo board, which presents a fairly straightforward setup. Your goal is to make rows, columns, or diagonals of books that fit each category! To find out more, check out the post from Litcelebrasian, but make sure to use the hashtag #asianlitbingo. It’s perfect because you can do both of these challenges in May AND join a special Backlist Bookworms chat. It also counts for the Year of the Asian challenge – which you know I’ve been participating in.

My Asian Lit Bingo TBR

You might ask me why I’m breaking down the TBR into two sections. Well some of my TBR fulfill certain prompts, whereas some are just ones that are redundant. Those will be in the Asian Readathon TBR below! Also these are going to be a mix of reviews I have written, and books I might not be able to write a review for in time for May!

  • All the Ways Home – East Asian MC
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel – LGBTQIAP+ Asian MC
  • Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune – SFF with Asian MC
  • Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon – Poor/Working Class Asian MC
  • Not Your Backup – Asian Superhero MC
  • Patron Saints of Nothing – Southeast Asian MC
  • Spin the Dawn – Retelling
  • Ayesha at Last – Asian Muslim MC
  • The Downstairs Girl – Historical Fiction with Asian MC
  • Symptoms of a Heart Break – Contemporary with Asian MC
  • This Time will be Different – Free Space
  • We Hunt the Flame – West Asian MC
  • The Candle and the Flame – Religious MC

I also hope if I get all my reading done for the Asian Readathon, some might fit into my bingo board, fingers crossed!

Asian Readathon

There are a few prompts for the Asian Readathon, so I’ll post those below. Some of them will be overlaps from above, but some are entirely new! On their twitter page is a whole document with reading suggestions!

  1. Read any book by an Asian author.
  2. Read a graphic novel featuring an Asian character or written/drawn by an Asian author (manga, manhua, manhwa, and comics count).
  3. Read a book featuring an intersectional Asian character or written by an intersectional Asian identity (i.e. queer, mixed, disabled, neurodiverse, etc).
  4. Read a book by Asian author that was originally written in their native language (translated books and graphic novels count).
  5. Read the group book: A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by Ellen Oh, which will be covered in the live show on Saturday, May 25 at 6pm EST on readwithcindy’s channel.

I have already read and LOVED A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. But I am so excited. Most of these are also books I hope to read. So fingers crossed for me!

  • I Love You So Mochi (Japanese) – Extra since it duplicates my translated book
  • There’s Something About Sweetie (Indian American) – Intersectional Asian Character
  • Somewhere Only We Know (Korean)
  • Boxers & Saints (Chinese) – Graphic Novel
  • The Beast Player – Translated from Japanese to English
  • Ash (Backlist Bookworms Chat)

Backlist Bookworms

And in honor of May, and by popular vote, the Backlist Bookworms, this book club I’m running on Twitter, will be reading Ash by Malinda Lo. Make sure to follow the Twitter account for our chat on May 26th!


What are you going to read this May? Going to read Ash with us?!

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