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April Monthly Minutes

April just flew by. I don’t even know where it went. Is that also how you feel? Every month I say this about time flying by. But this is as true this month as every month.

Books Read

I started off this month with a whole lot of Graphic Novels. I’ve been reading more and more of them to de-stress before bed. I have been particularly obsessed with the Goldie Vance ones. At the same time, I finally tracked down the next of the Themis files, read it, and enjoyed it. Some stand outs this section is The Wake which was like a graphic novel representation of Into the Drowning Deep. By the way, if you want to see my reviews of the graphic novels, friend me on Goodreads so you can see them. At the same time, I also post all my reviews there (in shorter version there) first. It’s where I sometimes post updates, but also short reviews. In terms of YA I really loved The Girl and The Grove because of the adoption representation – MAJORLY recommend. And for adult books, I cannot praise the Muderbot books more highly! Check out All Systems Red!

For the next section you can see even more comics – including another favorite – Raven the Pirate. This is such a faun and amazing comic – please check it out if you haven’t. Would you want to me to a comic book wrap up at the end of the month? I’m not sure if anyone is interested. In terms of adult books, this is so difficult to pick because I loved them each for different reasons. Medusa Uploaded had amazing technology and such a fantastic rebellion kind of plot. At the same time, Stars Uncharted had such a fantastic crew – they were personable and they touched your heart. I want more! In terms of YA I loved Undead Girl Gang and have the best content coming for you next week – 2 Truths a Lie with the main characters! Are you excited enough?

The last section always has less books so it’s always easier to pick favorites because there often aren’t very many options. Here an absolute stand out was Emergency Contact because of the representation and Lunav for the amazing plot. In the realms of comics, we have the last, till now, Raven comics and I’ve already pre-ordered the next one. And for adult I really enjoyed reading Marillier, Dreamer’s Pool, again. It’s great to read a favorite of yours again. Speaking of favorites, Tamora Pierce made a return again this month!


Do you want monthly for fun book wrap ups? Are we Goodreads friends?

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