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Would I Write a Book?

This question has come up to me many times and it is both flattering and a little scary. Flattering because it means that what I’m writing you a) enjoy and b) think is beautiful. That makes my heart sing. At the same time it’s incredibly scary because I am so scared of failure and I don’t know if I could write a book, eek!

My History with Writing

I used to do a lot of creative writing in high school. You know poetry and short stories and the like. I once wrote a series of vignettes from the perspective of a conscious taxi. It was one of my best ideas at the time and something that still occupies my thoughts. In fact, on my Honeymoon, I sketched out an entire plan of a book. It was about mermaids, it had disabled mermaid, a plus size mermaid, forbidden love, and a political plan that jeopardized the entire mermaid world. I was also thinking about how do they have sex, how do they communicate, what is their government like? At the time I was so excited about it, but then I went to actual thinking time and thought, would I ever actually write a book?

Could I Write?

I used to think I would be a rubbish writer because I studied literature way too much. I did not want to be concerned with symbols, repetition, and themes. It convinced me that I couldn’t do it. Maybe poetry, but I didn’t think I could do great poetry either. So I began thinking about what I would even write. That sentence alone boggles my mind. Some days I find that I love my writing. Others I think I sound like an SEO plugin’s best dream (short and super simple). Now that my mental health has been sort of all over the place, I wonder what I can do. Do I got a drawing board and flesh this out?

I know if I sat down I could try to do this. But my question of today is would I want to? Perhaps the easy answer is: at the moment you’re still unemployed so why the heck not? Yet I need the motivation. The drive to put my creative talents into it. Hopefully it could spawn into something creative that would aid my book blogging too. Who even knows. Clearly not me.

I can clearly not form coherent thoughts, so is this even a wise idea? I guess it just seems like a HUGE ENDEAVOR. And it actually 100% is. But maybe I just draw up some plans and see how it goes?


What do you think about writing a book, would you ever want to? Do you now?

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16 thoughts on “Would I Write a Book?

  1. Your memaid story sounds amazing! I’d read that. If your struggling with motivation, how about Camp NaNo next month? You can set your own target for the month, (either words, hours or pages I think) and either sign up for a cabin or just chat on the forums.

      1. It’s basically a chat room for up to 19 people to talk about what they’re writing or whatever they want for the month. Some arrange sprints, word wars etc if that’s what you all want. You can be invited to join one, create your own and invite people in or have NaNo assign you a cabin of similar writers based on your project.

        1. Ah that’s interesting. I’ll have to think of something. I wouldn’t want to bring a cabin down 🙁

          1. I’m sure you wouldn’t. Some cabins are less boisterous than others. XD If you decide to go for it, there’s still space in my cabin.
            🙂 I can ask the organiser to invite you.

          2. Thanks! I’ll let you know, the idea still scares me a little. I’ll message you 🙂

  2. I’ve been writing books all my life but only in the past couple years did I ever think I would really share my stories with anyone bar my family and reluctant non-reader friends. Finally publishing one of my books was one of my best decisions to date and I recommend it but even if that’s not a road you want to go down, just keep writing, even if only for yourself. I think the act of writing helps make us better readers as well and that’s always a good thing for us bookworms.

  3. “…vignettes from the perspective of a conscious taxi.” That is strangely unique and intriguing. Well, that’s certainly a story with many unique characters.

    Nope, I’m not interested in writing a book because I’m not gifted that way like you are. I’ll dabble in reviewing and that’s plenty difficult for me . 😀 I think you should definitely go for it!!

  4. I would totally read your mermaid book. Sounds like fun 🙂 But I also get why ‘would I write book?’ can be a scary question. Friends and family think because I love to read, I must want to be a published author too (nope…). I used to write fiction for fun on a regular basis until I started university. I have a few stories I’ve been tinkering with for years, but I’ve never been able to prioritize finishing them. I don’t have any interest in sharing my work, so it’s hard to motivate myself 😛

    1. It is, and it seems like such a scary step, like making it real…I don’t know about that. But I joined the Camp Writing Thing so hopefully by the end I have at least some words to show for myself 😛

  5. I think you should go for it! I’ve always wanted to write a book, but there were always a million things holding me back. I finally did it last November during NaNoWriMo. I wrote a book. And I finished it. I don’t know if anything will ever come of it, but just the fact that I did it gives me a sense of accomplishment!

    1. That’s fantastic! I joined the July NaNoWriMo, but I haven’t started yet. I feel like I need a day or two or just a bit of planning. Like names, names are so hard for me!!

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