September Monthly Minutes

September was a whirlwind of a month. I think I mentioned in last month’s minutes, that I was trying to go through a huge chunk of my physical arcs. This was all in anticipation of my move back to Germany in October. So the purgatory of physical arcs continued.

Reading Month

I had to read as much as I possibly could, so I really strung myself out. Mostly because shipping is hella expensive. Everything had to fit in my suitcases. So less than 50 pounds of books. That may seem like a lot, but for the whole year, with my reading speed….

I managed, but it meant that the backlog for reviews was just awful. I took a break at the beginning of October from reading, but when I came back to blogging I had 20 reviews to write.

Barring that, I got to read some really phenomenal books. They ranged from historical mysteries, to epic fantasy, all the way to re-imaginations, and contemporaries. As you can see from my photos, there’s just so many different types of books I read.

They’re all over the map.

And since I was so late, there’s so many reviews that were supposed to be posted before release day that never made it. If there’s an influx of reviews coming which were published after their release date, that’s why.

I’m sorry.

But they’re still phenomenal books and you definitely need to read them!

Book of the Month

  • Best second book – Heart of Mist (review)
  • Best fantasy – Black Wings Beating (review)
  • Best contemporary – A Very Large Expanse of Sea (review coming)
  • Best SF – Exit Strategy (review to come)


How was your reading month? I feel like September went by so fast. I don’t even really remember it at all.

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