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Review: Thronebreakers by Rebecca Coffindaffer

Okay, so Crownchasers had me crying. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite YA SF books. But Thronebreakers had me crying multiple times. Like within a span of 20% of the ending, I teared up multiple times. So thanks Rebecca. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Alyssa Farshot never wanted to rule the empire. But to honor her uncle’s dying wish, she participated in the crownchase, a race across the empire’s 1,001 planets to find the royal seal and win the throne. Alyssa tried to help her friend, Coy, win the crownchase, but just as victory was within their grasp, Edgar Voles killed Coy—and claimed the seal for himself.

Broken-hearted over her friend’s death, Alyssa is hell-bent on revenge. But Edgar is well protected in the kingship. Alyssa will have to rally rivals, friends, and foes from across the empire to take him down and change the course of the galaxy.


Thronebreakers begins and ends with action. It’s an explosive and impactful series ender that made me want to re-read the entire series all over again. With betrayal and death, Alyssa is thrown from scenario to scenario. And by thrown, I mean she throws herself obviously. We love a chaotic, a tad reckless, but heart-in-the-right-place heroine. It’s totally easy to get swept away in the action, but I think what enchanted me were the themes.

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How Coffindaffer uses Thronebreakers to examine empire. The power, authority, and corruption. All the ways individuals can exist, rebel, and thrive against systems of misinformation and power. Yes it’s about danger and there will be tears, but it’s also about allies, unlikely agreements, and hope. Thronebreakers is a superb finale. If you loved Alyssa from Crownchasers, you’ll need to read this one. And for those who want a plot of outmaneuvers and schemes in a SF world – this is for you!

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What is your favorite YA SF duology?

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