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Blog Tour: Book Review: I Will Find You Again by Sarah Lyu

Having enjoyed The Best Lies, Sarah Lyu’s debut, I knew I had to read this second book! This book combines a story of love, mystery, and the memories we struggle to face. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


All the Bright Places meets Ace of Spades in this smart, twisty teen thriller about a girl who can’t stop pushing herself to be the best—even after losing her best friend and the love of her life.

Welcome to Meadowlark, Long Island—expensive homes and good schools, ambition and loneliness. Meet Chase Ohara and Lia Vestiano: the driven overachiever and the impulsive wanderer, the future CEO and the free spirit. Best friends for years—weekend trips to Montauk, sleepovers on a yacht—and then, first love. True love. 

But when Lia disappears, Chase’s life turns into a series of grim snapshots. Anger. Grief. Running. Pink pills in an Altoids tin. A cheating ring at school. Heartbreak and lies. A catastrophic secret. 

And the shocking truth that will change everything about the way Chase sees Lia—and herself.

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(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: suicidal thoughts, suicide, panic attacks

I Will Find You Again smashed through my expectations. Firstly, it has an adopted side character – Lia – and I loved how this was portrayed in I Will Find You Again. Even though she’s not the main character, we can see her relationship to her parents and her own feelings through the eyes of Chase. Secondly, this book delves into how much of ourselves we allow people to see. How much of other people we can witness. All the ways in which as we dare someone to leave, we’re also pleading for them to stay.

The jagged edges we show to people while also asking for understanding. And all the secrets we keep from others and what they don’t tell us. I Will Find You Again explores this idea of knowing someone and loving someone. If we can every truly know all of someone and if that impacts our ability to love them. It’s about two characters whose lives begin to diverge and wondering if their relationship can withstand it. This is such a universal theme.

That’s one of the reasons I think many of us are drawn to YA stories. They’re going through these periods of intense change, of (re)invention. And the relationships which bend or break are a part of that. I also appreciated how I Will Find You Again touches upon the toxic culture of collegiate competition and hyper performance. The pressures teens are forced into nowadays to compete and to always do more. To struggle, to study, to take on more. It erases who we are. And it reduces us to what we can do, how our lives and abilities can be quantitatively measured.

All the ways in which we aren’t being seen. Only trophies on the shelf and situations to ‘set us up for the future’. I Will Find You Again balances being a story about mystery, but it also is a story about figuring out who we are. The merits and values of happiness, of friendships, of love, amidst this sea of expectations.

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About the Author

Sarah Lyu grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She loves a good hike and can often be found with a paintbrush in one hand and a cup of milky tea in the other. Sarah is the author of The Best Lies and I Will Find You Again.

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