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Review: The Little Queen by Meia Geddes

Entirely charming, The Little Queen is how I would imagine a rewritten The Little Prince to be if it were written for a younger age group. It is quirky, populated by imaginative characters, and such a sweet fable.


Prompted by the death of her parents, the little Queen searches for someone to help her become a great Queen. Her journey leads her into the paths of many people – the book sniffer, the dream collector – and many more who all teach her a little bit more about life. Along the way, the little Queen in her search to be a Queen, discovers things about herself, the person she wants to be, as well as falling in love.


The writing in this book is absolutely delightful. It is succinct and lyrical, while still managing to convey some interesting ideas about what a good Queen would be like. You can’t help but see similarities, even to the lovely drawings, to The Little Prince. But this, in no way, detracts from the charm of the story. Part of the charm are the characters that the Little Queen encounters. They engage in professions we never would have dreamed of and all have some little tidbit of wisdom to pass on. The little Queen herself is entirely sweet and she goes on a journey that, in simplified form, all of us struggle with: the quest to find ourselves. (I love when I read about libraries in books!)

This novella is precious and I would love to see many more drawings within. It would be a wonderful contemporary upgrade from The Little Prince and I imagine reading it with my future children. I feel that this story is more for middle grade audiences. Beautiful words and ideas alike, this whimsical novella inspires us to follow our dreams, embody ourselves, and the journey to find ourselves.

You can pick up The Little Queen on Amazon(US), it comes out August 1st, add it to Goodreads, or search for it at an Indie bookstore near you.

Disclaimer: I received this copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.


What’s your favorite fable?

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