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Review: The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price

Reading The Flight of the Silvers makes me glad I have the sequel, because this book begins an epic quest, full of fantastic characters, that I need to read more of now. By the end, you’ll too want the sequel because of the investment in characters and the clever plot that leaves us eagerly anticipating the next.


Hannah and Amanda watch as their world ends. In a flurry of action, they are given a silver bracelet by three mysterious strangers, and the next moment they witness the destruction of their planet. Waking up in a new world, one where there are flying cars, blue money, and pet extensions, they are picked up and brought to a center. Not only are the two sisters reunited, but they meet four other strangers who have had similar experiences. Events such as a break in, kidnapping, and the discovery of temporal abilities force them to run, with only each other, and a whole lot of questions, to rely on, as they search for answers and one man to save them.


While you may be intimidated by the size of this book, with over 600 pages, it is well worth the time and effort. The world on this new Earth is wonderfully created. It reminds me of the articles I have read , where science fiction demands a different lens of reading (Delaney), and this is one hundred percent true here. My two favorite parts of the book, no surprise here, are the plot and the characters.

The answers to our numerous questions are slowly revealed to us on a journey full of confusion, deception, and improvisation. The intrigue multiples as the plot progresses as we realize the consequences of their sudden presence: six people who never were supposed to be here. Twisty and full of surprises, the plot is intricate and grand. It is clear within the first hundred or so pages that this is a masterful story arch that Price has created, destined to take up a few books and hours of our time. However, it is time well spent on characters who are well rounded and a search for answers.

The Characters

The characters are pieces of a perplexing puzzle that just hovers beyond our grasp. What I personally enjoyed about their temporal abilities (I would love to know how authors decide what the superpowers are), is that there are still fallibilities – they are still victim to personal mistakes, misunderstandings, and falling down. Even with enhanced abilities on another planet , we are still short sighted, vulnerable, and mortal.

You’ll find the main six characters, in alternating perspectives, to be quite relatable. I could relate the most to the sisterly struggle between Hannah and Amanda. Each have their own demons and faults that have yet to play out. Their shared past and necessity to trust each other forms a family dynamic. I had to ask myself: how do we create our own family? Necessity? Trust? Shared experiences? A vision?

(A brief note on the changes in point of view: It is, on one hand, great to see all of their opinions and actions. It gives us a much clearer picture of everyone behind the scenes. On the other hand, the account we can piece together is still far from complete. This tenuous balance is another piece of the book I greatly enjoy).

But I can’t name a single character, even our mysterious ‘villain’ (one of many), whom I could neither relate nor empathize with. There are no clear black and white, not only because our heroes do not know how to trust, but also because those who we suspect have their own weaknesses and fears.

In Conclusion,

What happens to our future when we let it speak to us? All in all, we have a formidable group of intriguing individuals fighting the tides and undertow in a world they have only begun to understand and in a grand plot they cannot even imagine. What’s more to like?

You can pick up The Flight of Silvers on Amazon(US) or add it to Goodreads.


If you could have super speed, the ability to manipulate time, or sprout material out of your body, which would you choose?

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price

  1. I would choose super speed because I hate being late and having that super power would allow me to be at certain places on time!

    1. GREAT choice, I would also choose that, or the ability to speak any language….that one too

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