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May Wrap Up

I love how I wanted to keep May super low key and then went ahead and read 30 books. 30 books alone, paired with good mental health practices and not feeling like I have to read would be okay. Is that what happened? Not at all.

Books Read

For the most part, I felt this overwhelming urge that I had to read. So much of this stemmed from the fact that I looked at my TBR and knew I would never finish all the June reads. From a mental perspective, that just made me so sad because I hate feeling like I’m letting people down. I know, I know. When I do this, and push through, I actually do let people down. I let myself down, and then I can’t be the best reader or reviewer or social media person I should be. But gosh is that hard to tell myself in a moment of panic.

Not to mention that I felt like May started off a bit rough and with a lot of unexpected disappointment in terms of reads. I’ll talk about favorite reads later – and speak more on this in my Youtube Video – but this month was a roller coaster of reads. Similarly with the last of the month too. I felt like things were just not delivering what I wanted from them. That’s a me problem. No doubt – well for some of it, but some of it not. But it just left my month of May, without looking at the amazing reads, feeling a little meh?

Some things I did love about May was that I read 70% books by BIPOC authors/characters and 50% of my reads were Asian which is perfect for Asian Pasifika Heritage Month! Total flop on my part for not picking more Pasifika reads, I had some on my TBR and just didn’t get to them. I also forgot it was May, so I didn’t have a prepared TBR planned which would have helped me so much.

But I did add some to my TBR – like Isle of Blood and Stone, which I will read this summer!

Favorite Reads

YA Picks

I had some amazing reads – which are all stories I knew I was going to love so YAY for being right – like Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating. Adiba is one of those authors I make a note to follow up on and I loved this sophomore book! When I can keep up with authors, in this extremely busy reading life, it makes me so happy. Another was Darling which I buddy read with Fadwa! Fadwa chatted about our experience in their wrap up, which I’ve linked, but it took us both by surprise in the best of ways!

Another book I knew I’d love was Ace of Spades! There’s so much I want to gush about, but cannot because it’s seriously spoiler territory. If you’ve read it, and wanna talk, then please DM me on social media because I need to discuss it! And the final one was We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This. This is another one where I knew I’d love it – and I was right! For me, Quinn was such a relatable character and her fears and vulnerabilities got me in the heart.

Adult Picks

I knew I’d love The Jasmine Throne and was right. Suri has done it again with an immersive and unhurried fantasy which is queer and features plant magic too! There are so many layers to this book that captured my heart and I need the sequel now. Another pick I had high hopes for was The Wolf and the Woodsman. This fantasy is a standalone, which I normally have huge hopes for, and this one delivers! The pacing is so fantastic and the action plus character development make it seem so satisfying all in one!

And the final dark horse of the month was The Tangleroot Palace: Stories which I only picked up because I love Monstress. Liu has written so many other pieces of fiction and after reading this anthology of short stories, I’ve put like 5 of them on hold. What an expansive and detailed collection with feedback from the author as well!


What was your favorite read from May?

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