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June Wrap Up

So this month was a slow month for me. My partner was visiting me and so the first half of the month was just off to a rough reading start. I have mostly kind of caught up, no not really, but I’ve been trying. But I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since. I don’t regret it, because I had a lot of fun. And it’s really made me re-think some of the ways I’ve been treating/realting to my blog since. More on this in the monthly reflections post coming at you later this week.

Books Read

Excuse the black boxes, those are the ones I really read in May but showed up on this picture. So from now on, if people are interested, I’m going to color code where I got my books from. So Green is the publisher or author. Orange is Netgalley. Yellow is audiobook. Blue is Edelweiss. Purple is First to Read. I thought this might be interesting for you all to see. What do you think??

Anyway, I was able to get a dent on some of the books I was sent and promised to review. I know for a few months I’ve been saying I’m only going to focus on things I was sent because I’m just sort of drowning here. So for this photo, the really stand out is for A Thousand Beginnings and Endings because this was the anthology I needed as a child. I needed to read a collection of re-imaginings. To have it in my hands is the absolute best gift I could have ever gotten. It’s the thing I need for my past self, my present self, and my future self.

Books Read Pt. 2

I know this may not seem like a slow month to you, but it was for me at least. Would you like monthly photos of my wrap up on Instagram for example? A lot of what I read is digitally, but I could piece together something for next month, presuming I keep the library books. This month I was able to read three arcs from BEA: Sanity and Tallulah, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, and Check, Please! All of them were such wins in my book. I want to say they all got 5 star reviews from me. And with good reason! I feel bad sitting on the reviews for so long, but I need to wait until closer to the release date.

Best Book of the Month

It’s such a close tie between A Thousand Beginnings and Endings for pure nostalgia sake and Spinning Silver. I just finished writing that review and wow, that book is phenomenal. All the hype you know is real. I’ll save the screaming for the review, but just know that it is 100% 5 stars from me.


What do you think of the color coding? Of the idea of a wrap up photo? What good books did you read this month?

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