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July Wrap Up

Find out how diversely I read in July, if I finished my Goodreads goal, and how I’m doing now that the year is over half way done! July was a whirlwind and it’s been a rough month so far in a year that’s felt a million years long. Anyone else feel that way?

Books Read – 28

Let’s start off by talking about the books I read. Overall, July was a pretty great reading month and I’m so happy I managed to read some Backlist books. That’s always the biggest challenge for me and I am seriously thinking about making some changes after September. I was contemplating only reviewing 5-10 ARCS a month and the rest would be other types of post. That still seems like a lot, but if you think about it, in July I read 20 ARCs. So it would be a 50% decrease.

As you can see, I caught up on some series like Kyoshi and the Once Upon a Con series! I didn’t read as many romance books as I did last month, or even earlier this year. But I’ve been doing a TON more buddy reads which has been great but also extremely stressful. I pushed myself a lot in July which is what I’ll get to after the book wrap up.

In terms of diversity, I read 18 authors with POC characters and 11 queer books! That’s 64% and 39% respectively (and also only off the top of my head). Not as many as last month, but I also feel like I read more last month. In the future months, I’ll have to be more mindful about my ARCs and backlist books.

Also in other news, I finished my Goodreads goal of 200 books! This has also been one of the things that has made me think about the rest of the year and the pressure I’ve been on so far this year.


I know this wrap up is coming SO late, but part of my mission for the next months is to take some pressure off. I’ll talk more about it later in the post, but I just wanted to apologize now! I’ve been pushing a lot to do buddy reads and I have some exciting projects coming up. I have always tried to keep up with my ARC calendar, but I’m finding a lot of joy from backlist books. Mostly because you all have read them and we can chat about them!

I don’t know if these changes in the types of books I review will occur immediately. September is a big publishing month for me already. But I hope to roll them out before the end of the year and definitely in 2021. I hope that I end up not really changing how I review, but how much pressure I put on myself to keep up with the pace of publishing and also my own life.


What makes you pick up a book?

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