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Huntress of Diverse Books Guest Post – Multiracial Representation

[I’m so happy to be Sinead’s friend. The reviews from Huntress of Diverse Books are always so well written and phenomenal – so I highly recommend you go subscribe! Also Lit CelebrAsian has the best twitter chats!]

Hi! I’m Sinead. I blog over at Huntress of Diverse Books and am a co-host at Lit CelebrAsian. I love talking to Lili about publishing and books, and was so excited when Lili asked me to contribute to her celebration. Happy Anniversary to you, Lili!

When Lili first suggested the topic of representation, I was so excited. I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to find something to write about. But then, I just couldn’t. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t come up with anything. I think I was daunted by how much free choice I had.

If I could really get something, it would be my exact multiracial representation. But how long will I have to wait to get that. Too long…

I want more multiracial representation in books and also WITHIN books.

Why is it that so many books only have one major character who is multiracial and maybe the family of that character? Why is it that so many fantasy universes have multiple races but yet no multiracial characters? Why is it that so many books have interracial couples yet no multiracial characters who are of the same age as the couple, usually the children of that one couple are the only multiracial characters? Why do so many multiracial characters function as the saviour that brings together the races of a universe? Why do so many books portray multiracial characters as being the solution to racism?

I want to see myself in books, and if I can’t fully see myself, to kinda see myself. And not alone. I want to see myself as part of a community.


Now, let’s look for some recommendations, shall we? Here are my favourite books with multiracial representation.

book review The Astonishing Color of After by Emily XR PAnThe Astonishing Color of After by Emily X. R. Pan




Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani




Ida by Alison Evans


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What are you favourite books that have multiracial representation?

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