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February Wrap Up

February was such a busy month. I got a full time gig and that put a lot of pressure on me. To read about how I coped, or not, tune in Monday for my Monthly reflections. But until then, let’s get started on this monthly wrap up.

Books Read: 33

So this month was a pretty busy month for me -reading wise. Until my new job started, instead of taking it easy and relaxing, I decided to push myself to read as much as I possibly could. Not smart. Do not do this if you have a chance. Almost all the books I read this month were arcs. This is because my review schedule is out of control and to keep ahead I’ve had to only read arcs really. I’m sorry. Some of them are already published which I asked for, like The Tethered Mage.

The other things I did were listen to audiobooks.  I finished two audiobooks this month, Song of Achilles and Outrun the Moon. Both were astounding and stunning so don’t make me chose. I will not. I’ll fight you first. These were wonderfully read and the stories were emotional for so many reasons. All the feels. I also read a bunch of poetry this month, which I normally don’t do. But I had some arcs that needed to be read. I participated in two blog tours, Knock and The Night Diary (which hasn’t gone live yet, but I read the arcs for these).

I was able to read some of my most anticipated books, The Heart Forger, and some of my earliest arcs, Daughters of the Storm. I can’t link many of these because I’m ahead. Because I’ve been keeping up the pace, reading in all my free time, and writing reviews all weekend long, I have a lead time of two weeks. And I need it. I have some giant books I want to get to, and I hope that I can keep up this pace. I also tried to read highly anticipated arcs while reading different arcs. This was foolhardy. Did I try it? Yes. Did I succeed? Yes. Was it foolhardy nonetheless? Absolutely.

Don’t even make me pick my favorite book of the month. It’s entirely cruel to ask me to do so. Oh wait, you still want to know? You want to put me through the bitter agony of looking through all these books? I knew it.

Book of the Month

book review The Astonishing Color of After by Emily XR PAnExcuse me, but I have 33 to pick from. Like please give me some time to wallow in this hole while I try to decide between my favorite non-existent children.

Alright you get a top three. Mostly because that still is like picking the best of each set of eleven. Also because wow, picking is hard and I don’t even want to do my yearly round up. Last years round up was a pathetic joke.

book review Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi AdeyemiThe Astonishing Color of After: If you follow me anywhere but here, I have been shamelessly promoting it and tweeting about it and taking pictures of it to no end.

book review Chaotic Good by Whitney GardnerChildren of Blood and Bone: How can I not talk about this gorgeous book? It’s taken the internet and world by storm and with good reason!

Chaotic Good: This book just hit me at exactly the right moment. I needed to hear it in both a sad way, but also a happy way.

book review the obelisk gate by nk jemisinAND because I also want to pick a fancy shcmancy ‘adult’ title, here it is – Jemisin taking the throne. The Obelisk Gate. Could it get more iconic?


I feel like these wrap ups are mostly just pictures and book covers. Maybe next month I should feature my favorite covers. I didn’t even show you my instagram posts this month. But anyway, what in your life did I miss out on this month??

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14 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

  1. I’m amazed you read so many books. I have so many books in my to read pile that are from years ago, I can’t imagine trying to read arcs on top of what is already published. What’s the full time gig?

  2. GAAAAH!! HOW DID YOU READ 33 BOOKS?? I read a miserable 4 and that made me so sad, I was aiming for double. But I was in a xerid slump-not-slump which I feel like i’m out of now so I hope i go back to my normal reading pace.

    1. It was entirely unhealthy. Like 100% series, I would not recommend. I was just like trying to do too much and I did end up doing it, but I feel like I don’t even remember my life in February – because it didn’t exist.

  3. It’s okay if you only read arcs! At least you posted up your reviews! I only posted one review- ONE last month. And I wasn’t even that busy.

    I really like seeing those covers. And I can’t help but feel bad for being behind on both new releases and backlist.
    I’m trying to balance my hobbies and schoolwork.

    I hope you really enjoy your job.

  4. I am currently reading The Fifth Season right now and am blown away by the writing and world-building. I cannot wait to get my hands on Children of Blood and Bone. There are so many fantastic March releases that I am not so low-key salivating over. Hoping you have a phenomenal March!

  5. WHOA 33 BOOKS. I thought I misread it but turns out it IS 33 books 😀 I’m glad you love The Song of Achilles, it’s one of my favorite books ever! What do you think of Tess of the Road and Prince Guide to Occult? I plan to read them next and I want to know what do you think 😀

    1. PATROCULUS is such a fluffy bunny – like I wanna protect him forever.

      I loved Tess as a character – she is kind of unlikeable for a bit in the beginning (to me) but in the best way possible!

      And Price Guide was pretty good – a bit darker than I expected. But I love witches

  6. Wow! Thirty-three books? That’s some achievement! And yes, I do get it about them being like your ‘children’!

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