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February Wrap Up

I read 34 books in February. You know, the month that was 28 days. HOW?! Even I don’t know how, but I wanted to start this month’s wrap up by showing you that I have lost most of my brain cells going into March.

But in all seriousness, I think the reason I read so many in February was that 12 of these reads consisted of buddy reads and audio-books. In my February Wrap Up YouTube Video you can find some mini reviews of these books BUT that’s a whole ~30% in these categories alone.

Well What Did I Read?

In this month, I was able to read three books for my 12 Friends 12 Books Project (which I filmed for YouTube) – The Rape of Nanking, A Memory Called Empire, and To Be Taught, If Fortunate. All of the details regarding the friends and the entire list can be found on that video! This brings my total to five out of twelve! That’s not so bad considering only two months of the year is done now. Let me say this now, I will not be able to maintain that pace the rest of the year. I need to rest for like 84 years.

I’ve finally made some progress on my Shimmering Worlds Reading Challenge which is all SFF written by BIPOC authors – Catherine House, Ring Shout, & Elatsoe. Considering I have to read 12 and I read three, I’m in a good place for the rest of the year, it just happened all at once. Overall, this challenge was meant to kind of just capitalize on diverse SFF I was already reading….BUT it also got me to read Pet which I’ve been meaning to for ages.

If you look back to my February TBR video, you will see that I read all of them, yes ALL OF THEM! I was not expecting it at all considering how badly I did for January….but somehow I ended up redeeming myself? BUT at a cost. Because my brain feels like actual mush.

Fave Books

I don’t want to spoil you entirely, plus you can see mini reviews already in my video BUT I did want to mention these amazing books.

  • When We Were Infinite – I adored Picture Us in the Light so it’s no surprise I loved Gilbert’s next one.
  • Hana Khan Carries On – Give me all your “You’ve Got Mail” retellings please, thank you – Tweet Cute is an example, but I want more adult fiction ones!
  • The Unbroken – fabulous complex characters and examinations of colonialization even if I didn’t like the romance at all
  • The Mirror Season – Anna-Marie McLemore can do no wrong with their books – meet my new favorite (and see their guest post if you haven’t already!)
  • The Ones We’re Meant to Find – this was ONE OF MY MOST anticipated reads of 2021 from one of my favorite authors and 100% worth the hype. Seriously. Pre-order it now


Did you have a favorite read from February?

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