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February Wrap Up

February was a whirlwind. Can I start a monthly wrap up without saying that? This is just an indicator of my mental state. In January and even the beginning of February I was doing a good job of staying balanced, as then as soon as I came back from my vacation, my mental stability tanked.

Books Read – 35

So while I was away in the US for a little holiday, I ended up reading a TON of comic books. You can see all the ones I read, and if you’re interested in my thoughts, I’m going to be posting a comic book wrap up later this month. So don’t worry! I’ll still give you very mini reviews of those. Although part of the reason I read those was that I didn’t need to review. Don’t expect a lot!

But from the comics I read, I want to say that I loved My Brother’s Husband and Witchboy the most!

As you can also see though, I soon started reading book. I mean I was reading books throughout especially for some book clubs I was attending in NY. Just a note, my Goodreads are ordered in order I reviewed them, not read them because I don’t mark them complete unless I’ve already read them.

Also another note, but editing Lili just realized she didn’t color code this month. I wish I could say I would go back and do it again….but that’s not the reality.

So the bulk of this picture is my reading from after my trip. I tried to convince myself if I took two weeks off of reading arcs my schedule would be fine. Spoiler, it was not. So as you can see I’m scrambling to take care of some of these arcs here. Like Middlegame which I passed on, and Tell Me How You Really Feel which I am going to be doing another of those traveling arc tours.

I also did my first buddy reads in February with Love, Hate & Other Filters and Hot Dog Girl. That was a really fun experience and I learned that with buddy reads every one of the is different.

To round out this month, I ended up reading a lot of books I really loved! Although every month is difficult for me to pick a favorite. It’s hard! I hate playing favorites especially when the genres are all so different. How can you compare a fantasy to a SF to a contemporary?

Favorite Books

Fantasy- Middlegame – this book is a behemoth, but I loved every page.

YA Contemporary- Summer Bird Blue

YA SF- The Quiet at the End of the World – This book just hit all the right spots.


I’m doing okay this month for challenges, although I wish I read more Backlist and more YARC books. I read 26 books which released in 2019, 19 books from Netgalley or Edelweiss, and 2 from both Year of the Asian and Backlist. That brings my totals up to:

  • 2019 = 55
  • Netgalley/Edelweiss = 36
  • YARC = 10
  • Backlist = 4
  • Retellings = 10

So as you can tell I still have a ways to go for the retellings challenge, but I am excited because they have monthly reading challenges, so I hope I can still catch up. For the 2019 releases, I’m already in the New Releases Pro category and if I read 5 more, I’ll transition into New Release Veteran which will keep me company until 100 books. In the Netgalley and Edelweiss challenge, I’ve achieved silver and just 14 more books until I achieve gold! For YARC I’m officially a Philippine tarsier having read 10 books, but I know next month I’ll read more leading me up to an Indian Cobra.


How was your February?

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2 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

  1. The retellings challenge has been slow going for me since mid february but that is okay. 🙂

    You are reading so much. Don’t be so hard on yourself about the arcs. 🙂

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