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My Favorite Bookish Merch Stores

I don’t buy a lot of Bookish merchandise, but I have bought a few in the past and want to highlight them! So let’s keep this short and sweet yes?

Two Candle Thieves Etsy ShopCandles – Two Candle Thieves

Look, I am so new to the candle game, even though I adore them. There’s nothing I find more relaxing then flames, fireplaces and candles being my favorite. That sentence started out strange didn’t it? Now I don’t have any candles from Two Candle Thieves yet, but I am going to own one. If it’s the last thing I do. I know them from Two Book Thieves and their blog is amazing. Plus Angharad, who I know more than Becky, has been so sweet to me on Twitter!

NerdyAddiction BookmarkBookmarks – NerdyAddiction

NerdyAddiction did a bookmark mail awhile ago and I was pleased to receive the first installment. The shop no longer does that anymore, instead offering monthly boxes with a certain theme (instead of customized), and a variety of other things. However, I am so glad I got the customized ones when I did, because the one with USOM on it is my absolute favorite. The rest of them are just as beautiful and I am in love with each and every single one. If the shop ever offers a box you’re interested in, JUMP ON IT.


Bookworm BoutiqueBags – Bookworm Boutique

I would also like to quickly say that Bookworm Boutique liked the image so much they reposted it! When they had a discount and free shipping I had to have it. I am so happy. The bag is such high quality and so many people have commented on it. They sell SO many things too, so it’s worth checking out. In general Society6 is a great place for Bookish merchandise. BookwormBoutique Society6




Paperfury Society6Another Wishlist Bookish Merch – Paperfury

One day something from here will be mine. I am a total fan of these art prints and it is only a matter of a time my dearies. You will soon be mine! But seriously, I am a major fan of everything about them, the colors, the fonts, ALL OF IT. Give.

Anyway, I knew this deserved a mention, just to remind myself what I want for Christmas.



What is your favorite bookish merch?

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