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A-Spec Readathon Reading List

 I am so pleased to be able to share my involvement in the A-Spec Readathon. This Readathon will be occurring April 1-14 and it’s full of amazing Twitter Chats, Group Readalongs, and Chats! Find out the full scoop below and my recommendations.

What it is

As Kitty Jellyfable writes in her blog post:

A-spec April is a readathon hosted by Jellyfable with the goal of celebrating and spreading the world about great literature featuring Asexual and Aromantic characters. It takes place over the course of two weeks and is hosted primarily on the A-Spec April Twitter page.

The Readathon focuses on ace books April 1-7 and aro books 8-14. If you’re joining, make sure to tag the Twitter account (@aspecapril) and use the hashtag #Aspecapril. And make sure to check out the blog post for all these lists of suggestions for books to read!

Reading List

Here are the levels for the reading challenges:

🖤 Level 1 – complete 4 challenges

🖤 Level 2 – complete 8 challenges

🖤 Level 3 – complete 12 challenges

🖤 Readathon master – complete all 16 challenges

I haven’t read nearly enough Aspec books, but some of my recommendations are (and they are all such stellar winners from me! I only rec the best!):

And if you’re curious about what the group reads are: The Spy with the Red Balloon and Summer Bird Blue! Also if you are searching for recs for specific prompts, check out Jellyfable’s post! And if you want to find more books with Aspec rep here’s a post about how to find books.

My own TBR. I am really struggling reading-wise so I’m going to be super cautious with my TBR:

  • Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss
  • The Baker Thief by Claudie Arsenault


Are you going to be joining along?

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