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2019 Challenges

Today I want to talk about all the challenges I am entering for 2019. I’ve tried to be manageable/realistic for myself for 2019. So I just chose ones I would reasonably complete (not counting bingos). Can we join together? Having people to yell at me always makes me read more out of guilt.

Beat the Backlist

So I’ve already posted about how I have joined the Beat the Backlist challenge hosted by Novelknight. This is a great challenge to read more backlist books. For me, this is such a small percentage of the books I read. For me, it’s mostly upcoming releases so this should help me listen to more audiobooks and feature favorites I may have missed. See my 26 book TBR! Yes I made a list of 26 books.

Dancing with Fantasy and SF

So a big part of my reading is SF and Fantasy books. That’s just my MO. That’s why you’re here right? Anyway, A Dance with Books has a challenge of 52 books (optional how many you do), with bingo boards, and different SF/Fantasy prompts! I am excited because I hope I will organically sort of complete this challenge – or to the best of my ability. Would it be great to read all 52? Yes but there’s a prompt for SF before 1980 and I just am not sure if I can manage that one. Some books I already plan on reading are Crown of Feathers, Shadowglass, Song of the Dead, Firestarter, We Set the Dark on Fire and many more! For SF I have Last of Her Name, Here and Now and Then, The Weight of the Stars.

Retelling Challenge

Cornerfolds is hosting a really fun retelling challenge and as I love retellings, I wanted to join. There’s a fun bingo board with some great prompts. I’d love to read more retellings because some of my favorite reads from 2018 fall into this category. But let’s talk about some of my favorite retellings, The Goblins of Bellwater, Speak Easy Speak Love, My Plain Jane. For 2019 I’m looking forward to A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Beauty and the Beast), 96 Words for Love (Indian legend of Shakuntala and Dushyanta), and Last of Her Name (Anastasia).


I am always behind on my e-arcs. Is there even another way to live? Anyway, there’s a challenge for that were you say how many books you want to read for Netgalley/Edelweiss from Reading Between the Pages. Basically for this one you just say how many books you want to read. So I think I am going to shoot for 25 books. I hope I can make it to 50, but who really knows.

2019 Releases

I know I can pretty easily manage this challenge from (Un) Conventional Bookworms. Most of the books I read are ARCs so these will be 2019 releases and so I have the high goal of 61-100 2019 releases. So I am pretty confident for this challenge, but I could be totally proven wrong as well.

Class of 2019 Goodreads Challenge

And of course I am so excited for the Class 2k19 Goodreads Debut Author challenge. In fact I went and requested some of these books specifically for this challenge, so I am so ready! You can get points for tweeting about it, for reading them, buying them early, and pre-ordering them. I definitely won’t get to them all, but I can try right?

Siren Reading Challenge

And the last one is the Siren Reading Challenge. Now this book list is mostly organized around the Siren’s conference on October 1st (which I don’t think I’ll be at). But if you are going and want to get a special button, then you should definitely join. I am only joining because I liked a lot of these suggestions and it aligned well with some of my other challenges (like the fantasy one). Ironically I have read under half of the list already. But I have to pick new books to me. So I’ll italicize the ones I have read and bold the ones I am going to read.

Guests of Honor: Required

Heroes Books: Required

Lila Bowen Wake of Vultures        REVIEW

Isabel GreenbergThe One Hundred Nights of Hero

Justina Ireland Dread Nation       REVIEW

K Arsenault Rivera The Tiger’s Daughter        REVIEW

Heroes Books: Pick Five

Tomi Adeyemi Children of Blood and Bone       REVIEW

Zoraida Córdova Labyrinth Lost          REVIEW

Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro Bitch Planet Vol. 1
Nicky Drayden The Prey of Gods

Meg Elison The Book of the Unnamed Midwife

Sarah Gailey American Hippo

Frances Hardinge Gullstruck Island

Jody Houser, Francis Portela & Marguerite Sauvage Faith Vol. 1
Katherine Locke The Girl with the Red Balloon       REVIEW
Rachita Madani Tales of a Severed HeadTahereh Mafi FurthermoreMelina Marchetta Finnikin of the Rock

Guadalupe Garcia McCall Summer of the MariposasNnedi Okorafor The Book of PhoenixRivers Solomon An Unkindness of Ghosts Ghosts      REVIEWNoelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters & Brooke A. Allen Lumberjanes Vol 1: Beware the Kitten Holy      REVIEWK.B. Wagers Behind the ThroneG. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona Ms. Marvel Vol. 1F. C. Yee The Epic Crush of Genie Lo          REVIEWLidia Yuknavitch The Book of Joan

Middle Grade/Young Adult Books: Pick Five

Melissa Albert The Hazel Wood        REVIEW

Erica Cameron Island of ExilesMoïra Fowley-Doyle Spellbook of the Lost and Found      REVIEWMary Winn Heider The Mortification of Fovea Munson

Heidi Heilig For a Muse of Fire
Faith Erin Hicks The Nameless City
Claire Legrand Sawkill Girls          REVIEWAnna Meriano Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble
L. L. McKinney A Blade So Black     REVIEW
Anna-Marie McLemore Blanca & Roja      REVIEW
Janet McNally The Looking Glass

Natalie C. Parker Seafire     REVIEWRebecca Schaeffer Not Even Bones

Victoria Schwab City of Ghosts
Destiny Soria Beneath the Citadel       REVIEW
Nova Ren Suma A Room Away from the Wolves     REVIEW
Tasha Suri Empire of Sand       REVIEW
Nahoko Uehashi & Cathy Hirano The Beast Player

Adult: Select Five

Brooke Bolander The Only Harmless Great Thing        REVIEW
Aliette de Bodard Servant of the Underworld
Akwaeke Emezi Freshwater
Cristina Rivera Garza The Iliac Crest

Nikita Gill Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul

Maria Dahvana Headley The Mere Wife

Kameron Hurley The Stars Are LegionR. F. Kuang The Poppy War        REVIEWKate Leth, Megan Levens & Marissa Louise Spell on Wheels

Madeline Miller Circe          REVIEWCass Morris From Unseen FireDaniel Mallory Ortberg The Merry SpinsterC. L. Polk WitchmarkAnjali Sachdeva All the Names They Used for GodPeng Shepard The Book of M         REVIEWAna Simo HeartlandKrystal A. Smith Two MoonsShweta Taneja Cult of Chaos


What challenges are you partaking in 2019 or books are you excited to read in 2019?

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4 thoughts on “2019 Challenges

  1. Good luck on all your challenges and great to see you joining in with the reading challenge. Haha yeah that prompt of before 1980 is a bit of a hard one, but I also put a lot of hard prompts in there for myself. 😉 I still wanted to be a few prompts there for even the hard sff readers to be a bit of a challenge.

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