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Review: Godslayers by Zoe Hana Mikuta

Having absolutely adored Gearbreakers, I knew I had to read Godslayers. This sapphic SF with giant mechas and rebellion is just up my alley. And this sequel is emotional and action packed from start to finish. If you loved the first, this is a must. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


The only way to kill a god is from the inside…

The Gearbreakers struck a devastating blow against Godolia on Heavensday, but the cost of victory has been steep. Months later, the few rebels who’ve managed to escape the tyrannical empire’s bloody retribution have fled to the mountains, hunted by the last Zenith–Godolia’s only surviving leader.

Eris has been held prisoner since the attack on the capital city, which almost killed her. And she begins to wish it had when she discovers Sona–the girl she loves, the girl she would tear down cities for–also survived, only to be captured and Corrupted by the Zenith. The cybernetic brainwashing that Sona has forcibly undergone now has her believing herself a loyal soldier for Godolia, and Eris’ mortal enemy.

With the rebellion shattered and Godolia moving forward with an insidious plan to begin inducting Badlands children into a new Windup Pilot program, the odds have never been more stacked against the Gearbreakers. Their last hope for victory will depend on whether Eris and Sona can somehow find their way back to each other from opposite sides of a war…


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: suicide

To say I was excited for Godslayers is an understatement. Gearbreakers is a book that took me by storm. And this sequel is no different. Captured and brainwashed, Sonya and Eris are apart and must figure out if they can find their way back to each other. At the beginning, I was 100% swept up in the feels. In looking at someone you used to know, to love, and seeing nothing staring back at you. I feel like at various points this can be what we experience in a relationship.

This disconnect between having someone once have been your everything, and then looking at them with nothing left. Or worse, with hated or anger. And so from the beginning, Godslayers felt like it was both relatable – because of those emotions – and also a slice of escape. Because there’s no way I’d make it alive in this world. It begins with heartbreak, but very quickly Hana Mikuta sweeps us away with the action. I flew through Godslayers as I was drawn in by the characters I came to love, and this story of rebellion and family.

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Godslayers is a story about traps within Trojan Horses. Reading it brings your heart into your chest. In this world where Godolia prays on kids who want to escape, while also creating a situation themselves of desperation, how can one truly escape? This series finale manages to balance high paced action, with emotional exploration which will keep you up past your bedtime. It’s about the fight against those who have taken our family, infiltrated our lives and hearts. And it’s about rebellion and love. Find Godslayers on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


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