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Review: Before Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

Before Tomorrow is a prequel to Dunn’s Forget Tomorrow, which I reviewed before on my blog. That being said, if you enjoyed Forget Tomorrow and loved Logan’s character, you need to read this.


Logan receives his future memory and is both validated and surprised. He is pleased to become a champion swimmer, as his entire family predicted and has worked for, unsurprising to Logan. But the biggest surprise is the presence of Callie, a girl he hasn’t spoken to in years, a girl he may have loved before, and a girl who he runs into as she is running from the law. Having gotten a memory that indicates she will commit a crime in the future, Callie is imprisoned. And Logan must now decide what to do — save Callie and his future happiness or secure the future he has?


book review before tomorrow by pintip dunnFor me, this prequel answered a lot of questions that were running through my mind when I read Forget Tomorrow, mainly how Logan felt. I enjoyed it even more so, because it wasn’t rushed, and we really got to see how it was for him when Callie is in jail. You can definitely read this without reading the first book, but I would recommend not doing it. It will be way more enjoyable afterwards!

Additionally, the entire turning point for Logan is dealt with in more detail, in a really fantastic way that makes me appreciate his character more. I am so glad I ended up reading this and cannot wait to see how it changes my opinion of him in the sequels — which I am going to read! Check out Before Tomorrow on Goodreads.


Are you a fan of prequels?

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