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Queers Gone By Reading Challenge Recommendations

Hi all, today I’m sharing my recommendations for the books that fulfill my prompts – Blair Imani and Amy Levy!


If you missed the announcement post, check it out and come back. If you’re also interested in seeing what other’s are recommending, make sure you check their rec posts as well!


Blair Imani

– A book with a muslim MC (ownvoices preferred)

    Recommendations: Sara Farizan, SK Ali, Tahereh Mafi

– A non-fiction book about overlooked figures throughout history

    Recommendations: Imani’s own book, Modern HERstory, Renegade Women in Film & Tv

– A book with a black MC (ownvoices preferred)

    Recommendations: Angie Thomas, Ben Philippe,  Tiffany Jackson

– A book which features feminism and activism

    Recommendations: Birds, Bees, and You and Me, Watch Us Rise

– A book featuring social media (Youtube, Twitter)

  Recommendations: Just for Clicks, Mammoth, The Summer of Jordi Perez

Amy Levy


– A book with a Jewish MC (bonus points of also by a Jewish author)

    Recommendations: Katherine Locke, Rachel Lynn Solomon, Laura Silverman

– A sapphic poetry collection (or just any poetry collection)

  Recommendations: Molly has a whole list!

– A book exploring depression/ mental health

  Recommendations: How to Make Friends with the Dark, The Astonishing Color of After, Darius the Great is Not Okay

– A book with a deaf MC

  Recommendations: You’re Welcome Universe, Hello Universe, Song for a Whale

– A feminist book

  Recommendations: I have so many, but I’ll name some recent faves. Warrior of the Wild, The Deepest Roots (Trigger warnings on the review), When the Truth Unravels


Are you going to join? Have you read any of my recommendations?

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