Panel Weekend Announcement

I have an upcoming June weekend which will be both simultaneously exciting and also very busy! On June 18 and 19 I will be hosting two different panels. One for Adult Fantasy debuts and another for YA Fantasy debuts! Debut weekend commence!

June 18th at 1pm EDT

On June 19th at 1pm EDT I’ll be chatting with four upcoming or already released Adult Fantasy debuts. You all know how much I loved The Blood Trials so I’m so excited to chat with Davenport. I’m also currently in the middle of Wrath Goddess Sing and really loving it! And talk about books I’m highly anticipating, I’m so excited for The Final Strife. Don’t even get me started on how much I am eagerly waiting for The Book Eaters!

June 19th at 1 pm EDT

You all already know how much I adore The Bone Spindle. I need the sequel right now okay? And speaking of needing sequels, I’d like the one for The Ivory Key too right now. I finished Wake the Bones last week and the eerieness? Y’all aren’t ready. If you love the idea of a magical hotel, then Hotel Magnifique has to be on your TBR. And Deep in Providence is a haunting and emotional story about friendship and family.


What debut are you excited for from this list?

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