FLYTIP: Care for Cartography

I’m not going to lie, getting this post up was a struggle, but how could I not? This was my suggestion for the FLYTIP posts of the second half of the year and I felt duty bound to post. Plus I love the topic, duh! Who doesn’t want to showcase some beautiful maps? So let me stop dabbling and drabbing and just show you the gorgeous intricacies of the maps! Did I make up a post inspired by my love for Six of Crows?

(Okay one more thing from the annoying person that is me. Why do I love maps? They are not only a unique touch, but also so integral to the world building. If you’re making a fantasy world, you must think about it. How do they get from A to B, does it take days? Is there magic helping? It just seems so elementary and also important. So I place a lot of emphasis on good, detailed, and gorgeous maps. I’m not talking about the maps I made when I was a kid. They get the job done, of course. But I want beautiful maps that make me swoon. Here are some. Also Map Monday on instagram is a thing, so tag me if you do it!).

By the way, all of these photos are from my Instagram, so if you love maps. Let’s be friends there okay?


Quick! What’s your favorite map?

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