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December Wrap Up

So we all know that this post is super late. Many people have their monthly posts scheduled out way earlier than mine. And yet I keep dropping the ball on this easy-ish task. But one of my goals in 2018 is to stress out less about book blogging. You’d be surprised at the amount of stress I put myself under. So 2018 is the year of chill pills. In life and in blogging.

Book of the Month

book review Places in the Darkness by Chris BrookmyreIt’s gotta be Places in the Darkness. This book completely took me by surprise. It has intrigue, for sure, but it also had really great characters. What I loved the most is tied between the themes of technology in the future and the female friendship at the heart of this book.

Notable Posts

Woulda, Coulda, and Shoulda FLYTIP Post (The Last one for now! 🙁 )

Top 10/20 Books of 2017

A Secret History of Witches (The runner up to Best book)

The Invisible Library

What’s Ahead

As I said earlier, less blogging stress. If I don’t read a book  by the time I can manage, I will try not to stress about it. That won’t stop me from being organized, but it will let the pressure down. Right now I’m about 13 days ahead in terms of reading – not writing reviews – so I need to just maintain this pace. The trickist comes when I have two reviews on a day or 4 reviews a week instead of three. Especially since I want to produce more extra content this year. (Look forward to a whole post series on resolutions for myself and my blog).


What was your favorite book in Dec?

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