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13 Anticipated Releases by Asian (American) Authors

This year I am making a conscious effort to spread more awareness for Asian (American) Authors on my blog. I have always leaned a little more towards these authors because that’s where a lot of my curiosity comes as a fellow Asian American.

My Reasons

I was adopted and raised in the US so the first time I really ever started to feel ‘seen’ in literature happened through YA books. I saw parts of myself in Starfish, Rebel Seoul, and Little Fires Everywhere (which is not YA). There were other books that also impacted me. Like The Girl in the Grove and Let’s Talk About Love, but I want to highlight fellow Asian (American) Authors. This list isn’t just contained to Asian American authors, but this year I also want to spread out and talk more about (Asian) authors who aren’t from the US because I think it can be much harder for them – they normally can’t do book tours, timezones are always awful, etc.

The Books (in no particular order)


I know I missed some, leave them below!

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