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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want in My Library

As I read more and more books, the more I want to surround myself with a library of my favorites. There’s just something comforting about being surrounded by old friends. For today’s Top Ten Tuesday I’m talking about books I don’t own, that are some of my favorites, that I need in my library! Again it’s hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

Faves I Need

  • We Set the Dark on Fire. UM HELLO!? Let’s talk giant cliff hanger and oh my word, I adore this book to bits and I need more!
  • The Merciful Crow. I just need to collect all the first books in series that I loved because I need this one! Also I love the little touches, like the stamp on the hard cover and the end pages!
  • Seafire. I have such a soft spot for pirates. Arrr! Plus I love the UK paperback because it is simple, elegant, and bronze!
  • The Wise and the Wicked. Because I don’t have enough teal books and because I loved Rebecca’s book! Witches, fighting our destiny, and family.
  • Permanent Record. Did you see what they’ve done with the clear dust jacket? Um of course I would need this book! My review isn’t live yet, but loved this Choi book!
  • And in that similar thinking, I love the gold foil on Emergency Contact!
  • The Dragon Republic. I need this to add to my collection of books that tore my heart into pieces.
  • Pachinko paperback because that is EXQUISITE! And this book is so emotional and intense.
  • Eclipse the Skies. I need to own this sequel and I would love if it was also soft matte touch because I adore these covers so much!
  • Circe is a gorgeous hardcover. Like….just stunning.

I probably could go on forever because…I have a long wishlist, but these were the top books off the list.


What books do you want for your library?

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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want in My Library

  1. We Set The Dark on Fire and The Wise and the Wicked are two books I still really want to get and read at some point. They sound so good. But I think I’m waiting on the paperback releases because I can’t justify having everything in hc. ><

  2. There’s probably a few books on here that I want to read and then have in my physical library Like The Merciful Crow and Circe (especially since I have Song of Achilles as an owned book, but haven’t even read it yet ‍♀️).

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