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October Wrap Up

There’s only two more months of the year left! Can you even believe that? I can’t. Where did 2019 go? Is anyone freaking out? Now I’m thinking what other challenges or things did I want to do in 2019 that I haven’t yet?

Books Read -20

This month I read 20 books which might be the smallest amount of books I’ve read in over a year. Isn’t that a bit scary? Last month I talked about trying to scale down my reading and also stress. And it seems I have been successful so far. I’m not going to lie, even though I read less I still felt a bit stressed so I still have some way to go. I put so much pressure on myself that even though I have less to do, I’m finding myself being more unmotivated and just wanting a break.

I think in November I’m going to try to lean into that more. To say that if it’s just not working for me, a book or a blog post, that I’ll just put it aside. That’s been such a hard thing for me to do because I always was guilting myself into doing more work. October is some progress and we aren’t there yet. Ultimately I’m feeling a bit better, it’s just so hard to let go!

But the beginning of this month was absolutely stunning! I had so many five star reads that lived up to the hype I had built up in my mind. Some of my absolute favorites were War Girls, Full Disclosure, and Tears of Frost! I think my new goal will be to read one middle grade a month because they are such lovely little breaks from my normal YA reading spree. I read some great debuts like A River of Royal Blood and Fireborne!

Speaking of changing things up, towards the end of the month I read two adult fantasy books, Realm of Ash and The Deep and ended up loving this change of pace as well! Not to mention I finally listened to My Lady Jane which made me so happy and I loved it especially after My Plain Jane! Definitely recommend for people who want some very entertaining fun reads. Also gotta give a shout out to genre bending SF, Refraction, and absolutely shocking contemporary, Deadly Little Scandals!

Best Books of October

YA SFF – War Girls

YA F – Tears of Frost

YA Contemporary – Full Disclosure & Sick Kids in Love – don’t make me pick!

Adult Fantasy – The Deep

And some fan favorites were A Constellation of Roses, Song of the Crimson Flower, and Realm of Ash! I feel like I read more contemporary than I normally do and I really liked the break up!


What was your favorite read last month?

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